10 Times You’ve Felt Unworthy Of Your Significant Other’s Love

Love is hard. Filters on pictures and poems on cards make it look classy but it’s pretty much always under fire. We, as a monogamous society, are searching for our one partner with all the hopes and dreams of it being bliss. When a relationship starts of course it’s blissful but there will be times you feel so undeserving of that happiness.

1. When you get compromise confused with change by trying to alter who they are instead of embracing differences.

2. When you forget to physically appreciate them because you’ve gotten too caught up in daily tasks.

3. When you just aren’t a cuddler. Falling asleep can be hard and it gets hot with all that body heat insulated by blankets.

4. When you pick a fight because you’ve had some built up tension and use them to blow off steam.

5. When you come home to treats or surprises from them while they were out doing errands and you realize you’ve never randomly done anything nice.

6. When they are home sick but you go out anyway.

7. When you are selfishly whining and complaining about your own problems and don’t let them comfort you.

8. When they get you the perfect gifts that you didn’t even know you wanted but you can’t come up with more than two good ideas of things to get them.

9. When they pay for date night more often than you do and it makes you feel like a golddigger…but you’re just poor.

10. When you decide to go along with their friends for a night out and realize you’re being a brat by texting the whole time.

As a person that really struggles with verbally expressing how I feel, showing my love for a person isn’t easy. I can type it here or text it there, Instagram it on #MCM, or share a post on date night, but I lose it all when I’m sitting right beside them. Everyone has moments that they feel unworthy of love. How could someone like you score a person like them? Because you are worth it. It won’t always be easy and it won’t always be fair but as long as you recognize those bad moments and stutter out an “I love you,” I promise you’ll work through it.

Featured image via JC Falcon on Unsplash


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