7 Wedding Trends For 2020 That All Brides-To-Be Should Know


Many couples have departed from traditional weddings and try to make their celebrations personally meaningful. Couples incorporate their personal style into everything everything from the bride’s dress to the decorations. No matter how newlyweds choose to celebrate in 2020, though, many couples will plan weddings this year that follow these seven wedding trends.

1. Eco-friendly Touches

Environmental friendliness is taking the world by storm, and couples can easily incorporate eco-friendly items into their wedding celebrations.  If you want to get on board, try decorating your wedding venue with reusable items or purchase your decor from a flea market or second-hand store. You can also easily upcycle waste after the reception and serve organic food from trustworthy vendors.

2. Micro Weddings

Micro weddings include 50 or fewer guests. Small weddings appeal to some couples because they only have to gather their closest relatives and friends to celebrate. Still, though,, these exclusive weddings require an individual approach, delicious food, and lots of personalization. 

3. Lots of Light

We’ll see lots of exciting lighting in weddings this year. For example, warm, white Christmas lights create a warm glow that can perfectly accentuate your wedding video. You can also highlight your wedding cake with the help of LED panels. Regular candlelight never goes out of fashion, so still expect lots of soft, warm lighting from centerpieces this year.

4. Magic and Mysticism

Magical accents will also make a bold statement in 2020. Palo santo, natural stones, and tarot cards all add mystical touches to a wedding. If you want to sprinkle some magic onto your invitations, consider decorating them with crystals and sparkles. Also, if you want to spice up your reception, ask a friend or family member to play “fortune teller”and shower your guests with positive vibes. 

6. Edible Flowers

Flowers often end up in the trash after the big day, so instead of wasting perfectly good plants, many couples now choose edible arrangements. Ice cubes with frozen flowers make a beautiful addition to wedding drinks. Also, a wedding cake with edible flower petals will surely surprise and delight your guests. Additionally, you can easily add candied rose petals to sweet treats or use them as beautiful table decorations. 

7. Spray-painted Plants

Green plants are a huge 2020 wedding trend. However, many couples now use spray paint to transform ordinary branches and grasses into colorful decorations. You can incorporate  spray paint in your decor or even the bride’s bouquet. You can also paint the flower petals for after the ceremony. 2020’s most fashionable shades include pastels, metallics, and neon colors. 

2020 will be another exciting year for personalized weddings. If you’re tying the knot in 2020 or know someone who is, keep these six trends in mind as you plan out your magical wedding day.

Feature Image by Kendra Allen on Unsplash


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