The 6 Unforgettable Things I Fell In Love With Him For

When we met, I was only 17. I was still just a kid and most people would not have believed I had found my soul mate already. I had a lot of life ahead of me and a lot of options, but I chose you. I know things are far from perfect and we struggle with countless things every single day, but I have never once regretted my decision to let myself love you, and you alone.

When I fell in love with you, it was clear that I wouldn’t look back. And then marrying you was the biggest step either one of us could’ve ever made, the scariest thing we ever did, and it’s a step that I honestly never knew would be incredibly hard to take. But it was the best thing I ever could have done for myself.

I’m not a “mushy” person. I don’t sit with you and tell you all the things I love about you or why. I don’t even really talk about my feelings if I can avoid it. But since I’m feeling especially sentimental this month surrounded with love, I will tell you, just this once, what exactly it was about you, that made me fall head over heels:

  1. Your eternal optimism.

Things are not always easy for us. In fact, things are rarely easy for us but your faith never falters. You always believe things will get better and that we can make it through anything. Even when I am falling apart, you stay strong for both of us.

  1. Your quirky habits.

You insist on singing the same song (a Christmas one, at that) in the shower everyday. t’s quirky and yes, sometimes annoying but it’s so entirely you. I know that I can count on the sounds of “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” regardless of whether I like it or not. I adore you for being completely willing to be yourself and value the consistency you bring to my life.

  1. You’re a story repeater.  

But an enthusiastic one at that. You never shy away from the story’s excitement the second time, or the third, or the fourth…You care enough about me that you want to know all my little stories and that you want to share yours with me. And yes, sometimes you tell the same story again and again, but I don’t mind because it shows me how much your memories mean to you and how much you want to share them with me.

  1. Your literature snobbery.

The air of sophistication you bring with your selections while helping me fill our book shelves, makes me feel the strangest combination of inadequacy and butterflies.

You aspire to own every classical piece of literature there is. You read because you love it but you also read to learn. I love our weekly trips to Indigo, we each go into our own little world, side by side and you teach me about everything you’ve compiled in your nerdy little (big) brain.

  1. Every year you get better at choosing gifts for me.

You get to know me better and better at every opportunity. You care about every little detail of who I am and how I feel, and when I see something I’ve been eyeing for a while, you make those mental notes to remember it.

  1. You chose me.

You didn’t have to settle down at 22. You didn’t have to put up with challenges at every turn, but you did and you do. You chose me and you choose me everyday. My favorite thing to love about you, is you.

I don’t say it as often as I should, but I love you. Among the lists of reasons and aspects of how I got to feeling this way, I love everything you do for me and everything you aspire to me. I love the person you have helped me become and the person you continue to make me proud of. You’re more than my husband, you’re my best friend. With these 6 things, and the millions more wedged between our morning coffees and late night giggles, we’ve fallen hard (and can’t get up).

Featured image via CHENA on Pixabay


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