10 Adventures You Need To Go On This Summer

Summer is around the corner and we are all psyched. Each spring, the visions of sunny adventures to come are dancing in our minds. It’s hard to pick what you should experience first so we put together a must-do list for your convenience. Grab your besties and your sunblock and get ready to take some selfies!

  1. Play beach volleyball

No, this isn’t just done in movies or at the Olympics. We all know the basics from gym class in high school so it may not be pretty but it’ll make for a fun way to get yourself sweaty before you cool off in the water.

  1. Actually swim in the ocean

That water you’ll be cooling off in is the ocean. A swim in that seemingly endless abyss is good for the soul. But make sure you keep your mouth closed; salt water is gross.

  1. Hike to a mountain top

It doesn’t have to be a tall mountain, but a hike is a great way to see a different side of the great outdoors. Get above it all and take a look down to see how small you really are in comparison to the great big earth. It’s very grounding.

  1. Go to a theme park after dark

It’s a perfect time of year to stay out late. The air is warm and there are less kids whining once the sun goes down. Watch the blinking lights of the game booths wiz through your line of vision as you spin in the teacups.

  1. Skinny dipping

Don’t do this in a public pool or if there are strangers too close by. This is something to do in a safe space with those you really trust. It feels very freeing, I can attest to that.

  1. Double feature at a drive in

We all love movies but we don’t love sitting inside a dark room on a beautiful day. Take a drive and make your destination a drive-in theatre. Grab the Danny Zuko to your Sandra Dee for a perfect date night.

  1. Watch a sunrise/sunset over the ocean

Depending on where you live, this could be a plan that needs some work. But summer is a great time to travel so get to a coast and sit on a beach to watch the sky turn to the most beautiful array of colors you’ve ever seen.

  1. Have a picnic at an arboretum or national park

Strolling through green space is a perfect way to have a relaxing afternoon. Pack some snacks and some drinks to enjoy amongst the creations of the natural world.

  1. Go to a garden party

This is a classy way to party in the warmer months that calls for cute outfits and results in pictures taken in great natural lighting. Whether hosting or attending, there is carefree vibe that you just don’t get when all cramped into a house or bar.

  1. Drink on a rooftop

This is the rambunctious way to party that has everyone yelling “YOLO” and making up stories about cars driving by below. Drink responsibly because this outing could end somewhat disastrously.

As always, adventures are better with friends and loved ones so make sure you’ve got your best sidekick as you head out on your journey. Summer is all about living it up but it doesn’t last forever. Make sure you don’t regret not doing enough come the fall! Although warm weather won’t always be here, memories you make in it will be.

Featured image via Maël BALLAND on Pexels


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