Top 10 Beers From Around The World To Drink For National Beer Day

Today may be one of the best days in terms of drinking. If you needed an excuse to grab some drinks with your friends this evening, today’s the best day to do so – #HappyNationalBeerDay to all my beer drinkers. With summer right around the corner, it’s time for you to get ready for days by the beach by drinking tons of beer. Are you feeling sick of drinking the same kind of beer? It may be time to switch it up but you’re unaware of the different kind of beers out there so you stick to the one you know. It’s time to broaden your horizons. Whether you want to feel exotic, patriotic, or just knowledgeable about beer – Unwritten has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of beers from ten different countries around the world so that you know what to order wherever you may be.

  1. United States
    While there are a lot of beers made in the good ol’ United States, let’s stick to the classics – Budweiser, Coors, and if you’re feeling fancy – get yourself a Miller High Life. You can’t go wrong with these beers and we all know it’s all about that patriotism, #Merica.
  2. Canada
    Our neighbors up north know what beer is about. As Tim Hicks puts it so kindly, “whoa, we’ve got better beer”. Molson Canadian & Labbatt Blue are at the top of the most popular beers in the country, and around the world. It doesn’t get much more Canadian than a Canadian at a bar being like “Can I get a Canadian?”.
  3. Netherlands
    Thank you for creating some of the best high school memories I have. One of the most popular beers in the world is a result from the Dutch. With its distinctive green bottle, Heineken has become a staple in beers especially with its mini kegs being available in more and more places.
  4. Mexico
    The ultimate summer drink – thank you to our neighbors down south for creating this refreshing beer. You don’t have to be on a beach in Mexico to enjoy this beer. A Corona is the best go to drink if you’re untrusting of the other beers they have at the bar or just want something to cool yourself down after a long summer day. Plus, it’s a staple in the Fast & Furious franchise so you know it’s good.
  5. Ireland
    There are worst stereotypes than everyone saying that the Irish like to drink. For good reason too, with such cheap prices for beer – Dublin is responsible for creating the Guinness.
  6. Belgium
    Belgium has created a beer that some have called the classiest of all beers. Stella Artois is the drink you get when you want to show your friends that you’re a refined individual casually sipping on that drink and you’re not looking to get drunk. Thanks Belgium for making me feel classy when I’m being a hot mess.
  7. Indonesia
    Asia is sometimes looked over when it comes to alcohol but it does not play. Along with cheap prices, the beer in Asia are also exact replicas of beers you’ll find around the world. Bintang beer is a staple of Indonesia and while it looks, tastes, and is owned by Heineken – it’s locally brewed in Surabaya.
  8. India
    Kingfisher is a staple in the Indian beer world. A plus with this is that it has the capability of getting individuals drunk with only one beer (Trust me – even experienced drinkers are not immune to this).
  9. Singapore
    The country has been called the “America of Asia” so it’s no surprise that the beer there has superpowers. If you want to feel like your Charlie Sheen, Tiger Beer is the beer for you.
  10. Bahamas
    Everyone’s go-to travel place. Don’t lie – you know you’ve always wanted to go to the Bahamas and stay at Atlantis. What better way to celebrate being in the Caribbean on a beach than drinking a local beer – Kalik.

As everyone knows, a nice cold beer by the pool is the best way to spend a hot summer day. Whether it’s at a BBQ or having a low-key night with friends, beer is the way to go. You’re able to get accidentally tipsy at the bars without blowing all your money. It’s also a nice drink when you want something alcoholic but don’t want to deal with hard liquor. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re celebrating this national holiday by drinking as much beer as you can or playing beer pong.

Featured image via Lance Anderson on Unsplash


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