A Poem For The Broken-Hearted Person Whose Mind Is Racing

Some nights,  you can’t help but cry your heart out  to somehow ease your pain. This poem reflects one of those times when I felt sad, lonely, and ready to cry out my deepest feelings.

She has spent so many hours tossing and turning,

Preoccupied with thoughts that are time-consuming.

When the moon replaces the sun and the silence is deafening,

She’s seemingly lost in the depths of the unknown, drowning.

There are still cracks which they failed noticing;

They could not capture even an inch of what she’s feeling.

To see a flicker of light tonight is all she is hoping.

Most days, she’s fine, but some days, she’s struggling.

Being caged in your own thoughts and insecurities is exhausting

To the point that it can become so overwhelming.

“Why can’t you put a stop to these thoughts?” some are asking

It’s a question that she could go on all day explaining,

Yet the answer will still stray from their understanding.

Because they will never know how to survive the life she is living.

Her mind is in constant chaos, but is she just overthinking?

She is like a ticking bomb, which at any minute will be exploding.

All she desires is peace of mind and happiness without pretending

And for these thoughts to slip through the cracks is what she is pining.

And here tonight, with her hand on her chest as her heart feels like shattering,

She is looking out the window as her tears are silently running.

The time is fading and tomorrow, you can again see her smiling

but no one knows that inside, she is already dying.

There are times when you feel like no one understands you, and even times when you do not understand yourself. Do not be scared. Do not give up. What you are feeling now is just temporary. You are not alone. Tomorrow, you will get through the pain. You will smile and be genuinely happy again.

Previously Published on Thought Catalog

Feature Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels


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