4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Tequila

Ah, tequila. It’s always there to make our shitty nights a little better and our next day a little shittier. Tequila’s the equivalent to the friend that always convinces you to go out on weekdays – a lot of fun, but not one of our better ideas.

No matter if you’re tall or short, male or female, tequila’s the one drink that makes everyone react the exact same way. Whether it’s one shot and we’re telling it like it is or three shots and our clothes are off, everyone understands. I guess technically, it’s the drink of equality, and I’ll cheers to that!

Tequila is how you know it’s going to be a great night. When my roommates and I are all dressed and ready to go out but not quite feeling it, we take a tequila shot and head out the door. It’s a shot devoted to having a great time. There’s no better feeling than taking cheers to the idea that no matter who else has a shitty time, you won’t be one of them. Honestly, it’s a good time in a bottle, which makes it a great investment.

Plus, it’s easy to get down. No one sits there and takes baby sips on a shot of tequila. Once that bad boy hits your lips, you’re making it go down. To the ones who fear commitment, tequila might not be the one for you. But there’s something so exciting about the salt, tequila, lime combo than makes you want to hop in and join the fun.

Any old schmuck can sit down and have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer to kick back and relax, but tequila is saved for special occasions. Tequila is that little black dress hanging in your closet that you’re saving for the perfect night. Alright, so maybe we’ll indulge for $2.00 margaritas every few weeks, but there’s no denying that tequila is a breed of it’s own. You almost have to put yourself in a special mindset to open the bottle, but once it is it’s an open invite for all.

Apparently, there are a lot of ways that tequila is good for your body too. Who would’ve thought?! It helps with your body absorb calcium, helps your blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol. A shot of tequila after a big dinner even helps your body aid in digestion.

But more importantly, tequila comes in pretty looking bottles that look great as DIY projects around your apartment. Whether it’s a flower vase or just hanging out with the rest of the souvenirs on a shelf, there’s no doubt that it will make your living space a little more ‘wow, look how much fun they have here.’

The next time someone offers you a shot of tequila, take it as a personal invitation to happy. Be the bold one that orders tequila on a first date, the one that’s the life of the party if only for one night, the one that will always be remembered. Thank you, tequila. Cheers to you!

Featured image via Wikimedia


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