Why Being A Blunt B*tch Makes Your Life Infinitely Better

Let’s face it. Being honest is hard. Not only are you at risk for being shamed, misquoted, and misunderstood, but you’re also at risk for being called a bitch. However, despite these vague possibilities, the benefits of being 100% blunt will make all parts of your life, from shopping to relationships, better. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Guys always know what you’re thinking. Instead of holding your true feelings inside and preventing problem-solving from happening, your bae will know when he messed up and can therefore rectify the situation with hefty amounts of chocolate.
  2. You don’t have to be fake-nice to your frenemies. Seriously, how annoying is it to smile at the bimbo who offended your outfit choice? Well, problem solved! You don’t have to do it anymore.
  3. You devote less time to censoring your thoughts. We all know that you hate March Madness. You now have the freedom to direct your significant other away from the game and onto more enjoyable pastimes.
  4. You have higher self-confidence. Ultimately, the worst part about not saying what you think is that you trust yourself less to make good decisions. Freedom of speech isn’t just for journalists! Boost your confidence and share your opinions.
  5. You have better relationships. Communicating with your partner doesn’t guarantee a longer relationship; however, it does make sure that you know better what works for you and what doesn’t.
  6. No more faking! When he isn’t doing it the way you want, have the confidence to speak up and let him know how to improve.
  7. Being honest with yourself helps you to manage time better. Do you really need to re-do your nails for the fifth time this week? Probably not. Take a second and check your other options; maybe you could hang out with your friends in a study group!
  8. You don’t get shocked at reality show stunts. Clearly, this twist on the Bachelor has been coming for weeks. There was no way that Chris was just going to be normal and do normal things. Who are we kidding?
  9. You don’t buy things you don’t need. While staring at your shoe collection and the Louboutin website, you are absolutely positive that you don’t actually need more. Money has been saved! Now, go get some Starbucks.
  10. You can have sweatpants days without worrying what people think. The ‘hot mess’ is definitely a trend. Besides, even if it isn’t, why would you care what anyone else thinks? You are your own worst critic and you already decided that you look fantastic.

Often, the hardest thing to be is honest. It is sometimes easier to pretend to like sports or your best friend’s outfit. However, with these ten reasons behind you, hopefully you’ll find that being blunt is the best route to a stress-free life, less sports and an excellent wing woman.

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