The Moment You Think We Don’t Need Feminism, You’re Wrong

Feminism: Fighting for equal rights for humans on an economical, social, and political level.

People complain that feminism is all about man hating, all feminists are radical idealists that do not wear pads and tampons on their period and are incredibly mouthy angry women. Well. If you believe this, please do your research as this is completely untrue. I am a feminist. I believe in equality for all, justice and equal treatment regardless of sex, gender, race and age. But here’s what I don’t believe. I don’t believe “the man” needs feminism, that women do not get what they want even when they ask for it. I believe to get anything done, WOMEN need feminism not the man. Weird idea I know. But some things we can simply solve all on our own.

Unfortunately men do not control how you address an unfair situation, for example earning 77 cents to a dollar that men do. From the strong words of Dr. Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy, “if you want something you need to ask for it.” You ask for what you want and prove to others that you deserve it. Fight for what you believe in and do not stop until you get it. The Man, while he does control how much we earn, does not control how you think or what you do about the situation. Use your feminist powers and prove to him you deserve fairness, to get what you want, and

absolutely nothing less.

We as women need to stop competing against each other, stop body shaming, and being negative towards another. “The Man” does not tell us how to talk or treat another, we do that all on our own. We can not expect respect and change from men like them to stop calling us sluts, bitches, hoes etc if we don’t use feminism and stop saying it to each other first. We can not expect change the way men and society perceives us to be or look when we fulfill what it shoves down our throat.

Everyone needs feminism.

Everyone should fight for it, because in the end we are fighting for your rights and equality. The Man will eventually need feminism too, and like the proper feminist we are, we will provide our service and support. There are so many issues women are trying to fight and can not do so without the help of the man, who may or may not support you. While I agree not every issue is going to be solved by women demanding what they want, but it is a small start to receive the respect we deserve. By showing those around you, you are a strong woman and will not stand for anything less is one way the man loses his power. But don’t you dare let the man make you feel small, less beautiful, and not important than you truly are. Go, fight, and demand what you deserve, show the man who the real boss is.

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