The Future Is Here: 6 New Inventions That’ll Change Every Woman’s Life

Believe it or not, even before women had nearly as many opportunities as they do today, inventions for ladies were a huge market. It used to be constant inventions to make cooking and housework easier. Now, we live in a world with endless possibilities. Technology is rapidly advancing and women are the lucky recipients of countless new innovations to make our lives safer, easier, and more fun!

Here are some of the coolest inventions and innovations we will soon get to try.

1. The Bluetooth Pregnancy Test – Spring 2016

Okay, so maybe you’re hoping to not have to try this one out anytime soon. But you’ve got to admit, it’s a cool idea.

First Response has unveiled it’s newest advancement in pregnancy detecting. Taking a pregnancy test sounds simple enough, in theory. Pee on a stick, wait 3 minutes, then maybe your life is changed forever or maybe you heave a sigh of relief (or disappointment, depending on your circumstance) and drink a ton of vodka.

But, there are many variables and it can be a very stressful experience. This product aims to end that. A woman will now be able to sync the test with her phone through an app. During the standard wait time after taking the test, the app will let her know that the test is working. She will know that the sample has been detected and will count down the time left until she can read.

The coolest part perhaps, is the options of activities while she waits. She can choose “Educate Me,” “Entertain Me,” or “Calm Me.” Once the result is revealed, the app will offer information on next steps (such as what to do if you’re pregnant and how to increase your chances of getting pregnant and helping you track your cycles if your test was negative.)

Price: $15-$22

2. UV Exposure Skin Patch – Summer 2016

Many people struggle between enjoying the sun and worrying about the health of their skin.

L’Oreal has released information about its newest product, a patch to monitor your UV ray exposure. While information about skin cancer has become much more prevalent, it remains that most common form of cancer in the US today.

The patch will pair with an app on your phone to watch your level of exposure. The patch will be as thin as a strand of hair and only one square inch in size. Special dyes are what will allow it to check change in skin color from UV ray exposure.

Basically, the user will put a patch on the back of their hand (the patch can be worn 5 days, then disposed of and replaced.) They take a photo of the patch and upload it to the app. The app will analyze the dye squares on the patch and offer results, letting you know if you’ve had enough rays.

Price: Available for free under dermatologist skin care brand “La Roche-Posay.”

3. Nail Polish That Changes Color When Exposed to Date Rape Drugs – No Release Date

1 in 5 women in the US alone will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. The prevalence of these issues in society is disturbing but undeniable.

In late 2014, 4 engineering students at North Carolina State announced research towards developing a nail polish that would change colors when exposed to date rape drugs. They named their brand, Undercover Colors. Currently, their product is still in development.

The idea is that a woman will be able to “stir” her drink with her finger and if the drink has been tampered with, she will know instantly by the change in the color of her nail polish. Genius, right?

Their product has been the topic of much speculation and debate but it would be a positive step towards date rape and sexual assault prevention in some cases. You can donate towards their research and towards the goal of this product becoming available in the near future.

Price: Undetermined

4. Period Proof Underwear – Available Now

If there’s one thing every woman I know complains about, it’s the cost and annoyance of pads and tampons. Well, depending just how dedicated you all are to the cause, you have an alternative. Period underwear.

THINX Inc. has devised the perfect(?) solution to your feminine hygiene product woes. They claim to serve as a good back up to tampons or menstrual cups but that they can also be used on their own depending on your flow. Apparently, you can wear them all day like regular underwear without ever feeling like you’re wearing…well, period underwear.

THINX states their product is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak-resistant. They offer different styles with different levels of absorbency and all you have to do is rinse them and wash them like regular underwear. Well…okay.

Price: Varies between styles. $24-$38/pair.

5. A Pan That Teaches You to Cook – Available Now

Ever thought of taking a cooking class on your weekends sometime? Well, now you don’t even have to bother! There is now a pan that works with a smart phone app to basically cook for you.

Pantelligent is essentially a frying pan that is also a chef. It’s the easiest way to impress your friends and family with your cooking skills without actually having any. It includes features to ensure you follow the directions, don’t burn your food, and don’t poison anyone.

The pan guides you step by step through the cooking process, in real-time. It allows you to select what you’re going to be making from it’s menu, connect the app to your pan and then walks you through it all. The app ensures you heat the pan up enough, tells you what to do to prepare the food (with photos,) and even tells you when to flip your food in the pan. As an added safety (or seriously, it’s just a grilled cheese, don’t screw this up) feature, it alerts you on your phone if the pan gets too hot so you don’t burn your food or your house down.

A pretty awesome invention for anyone who isn’t super gifted in the kitchen but loves good food.

Price: $199

6. Pizza Vending Machines – Already Available in Limited Areas

You’re used to getting soda and snacks from vending machines. They fill every school, workplace, and shopping center you set foot in. It’s quick and convenient which is basically the brand of modern life.

Let’s Pizza is a company that makes it possible to have fresh-baked pizza anytime, any day of the year in 3 minutes. The machine forms and kneads dough, adds sauce and toppings, then bakes the pizza in front of your eyes.

The machines can be found in public venues but also used for private parties. They started out in Italy, of course, then spread across Europe. After wide success, they began popping up across the UK. There have been announcements and speculation about the machines making their way to the US since 2012 but so far, it hasn’t happened. Here’s hoping they continue to grow worldwide!

Price: about $6

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. An advancement in technology means an advancement in our life style. New inventions are constantly coming along to help make our lives easier or better in some way. Thanks to recent and upcoming products like these, the future looks bright!

Featured Image via First Response.


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