8 Activities You Should Do To Spend Quality Time With Your Mom

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I don’t know if it’s because I have no friends or because she’s actually just that great, but I love spending time with my mom. Growing up, we had the typical mother/daughter relationship where we didn’t quite get along. But now that I’ve grown up and am no longer an overdramatic adolescent, we’ve developed quite a fun adult relationship. She’s now one of my best friends and we do many activities together. 

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some things we enjoy doing together. These suggestions definitely fluctuate in cost but the enjoyment level is equally the same.

Here are 8 activities to do with your mom:

1. Check Out A Paint Night

This is a very popular event for people of all ages and is also affordable. It can make for a great evening and a fun competition between the two of you. Moreover, it will push you outside of your comfort zone. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of an awesome memory with a piece of art to prove it. 

2. Go to A Farm 

This activity may be seasonal, but you can always find fun things to do at a farm. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, hayrides, feeding cows, or watching the adorable animals are all fun things you can to do share a laugh. Plus, picking out some baked goods for a snack is always an added bonus. 

3. Go On A Weekend Getaway 

My family is extremely close, and when we do mother/daughter weekends, we actually extend the offer to my mom’s sisters, cousins, their daughters, and my grandma. Whether it’s going to a new town you’ve always wanted to see or simply camping, it’s about the adventure of going. It’s really nice talking shit about people over wine and cheese or a bag of chips — believe me!

4. Have A Spa Night

You’re bound to have a good time whether you go to an actual spa or create one at home. Going to a spa can be quite an expense, so unless you have gift cards to use or are willing to hash out the cash, be selective. It could be as simple as going out for a manicure and coming back to do a DIY facial. It doesn’t have to be fancy. 

5. Have A Movie Night In Your Jammies

This is something my mom, sister, and I have always done and we find extremely relaxing. We get all of our favorite junk food, our comfiest jammies, cheap wine that tastes good and then let our mom pick her favorite movies. They all usually involve Patrick Swayze or are related to the 80s (or it’s Mamma Mia), but it’s not the movie that matters. It’s the fun of rewatching them together and sharing a laugh or cry.

6. Shop ‘Til You Drop

For Mother’s Day every year my mom, her sisters, their daughters, and my grandma always do a huge girls shopping spree day. It’s actually the one day of the year we really look forward to because it’s such a laugh. In some stores, we’ll hog the dressing rooms and have a fun fashion show, pick out outfits for each other, and have a great day. 

7. Make a Weekend Bucket List

If you just want to do anything with each other to spend time, create a list of everything you want to do in a weekend together and try your best to accomplish everything on your list. Some items may be smaller than others, while others may be larger, but it’ll be what you two want to do and something special you can share. 

8. Learn Her Recipes

Another one of some great activities for a bonding night is to ask her to teach you how to make one of your favorite dishes she makes. Not only will you be able to make your fave food, but you can truly learn the technique, ingredients, and more about her. Being in the kitchen is always a great way to bring people together.

Activities like these are bound to make your friends envious of your relationship with your mom, or help improve your relationship if you aren’t close. Don’t hesitate to give these a try and enjoy some time with the woman who gave you life. And remember, what happens at these mom and daughter date nights, stays there.

Featured image via Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


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