This New Tinder-Like App Will Totally Revamp Your Girl Squad

Finally women have a place to meet gal pals without it being totally creepy and awkward. Hey! VINA, the latest tinder-esque app connects, empowers and celebrates friendship among girls. Here’s how it works:

Meeting good girlfriends gets more and more difficult the further you progress in life, and I completely understand that FOMO vibe from feeling like you haven’t met the Blair to your Serena by your 20s. Luckily, there’s now an app that lets you meet girls in your area and breaks the ice on the whole “so, wanna be BFFs?” tension.

Started in the summer of 2015, founders Olivia and Jen were on a mission to empower adult women and ensure they could meet friends just as simply as they could get dates. With online dating on the rise, Tinder, Bumble and OK Cupid are taking over our social media chains. It’s about time there was a safe place for girls to meet likeminded women in the palm of their hands.

Whether you’re moving to a new city with a new job, or trying to find a familiar face on campus after a college transfer this app has got you covered. Your girl squad just got a whole lot bigger, and

girl power just took the forefront.

Meeting boss-lady-friends just like you is now only a swipe away with the app’s launch for iOS users in San Francisco last month. Not to mention, it’s only growing with high hopes for NYC in the coming weeks. Similar to Tinder, you set up a profile but take it a step further with a short lifestyle questionnaire to make sure you’re getting set up with the right crowd. Questions like “Are you interested in meeting up for coffee, wine, or both?” are sure to pair you with some like-minded gals, and you’ll be swiping left and right and centre in no time.

The app allows women to comfortably admit that they’re looking for friends and removes the totally lame social barrier that stands to make women feel like their competing all the time. Whether you’re looking for a new travel buddy, a fitness pal, a girl to gossip with over lunch, or even just someone to text cute cat gifs to, Hey! VINA gives friendship a whole new meaning. 

Featured image via Connor Olson on Unsplash


  1. I can see how this would be helpful for girls moving to a new city or just bored for the night and want to make new friends. I love this!


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