7 Reasons Dogs Are Infinitely Better Than People

I know I am not alone in saying dogs are my (not so secret) obsession. I am “that” girl on Facebook who posts all the dog videos in the world with a string of mushy comments… I mean, whether I see a pup walking on the other side of the street or I see it in passing, I have this compulsive need to run up and ask to pet it. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand and I have a bit of a conversation with the dog, but that’s besides the point.

It’s always so exciting when I walk into my girlfriend’s house and I haven’t seen her dog in a while and I just get attacked with hugs and him jumping up to kiss me/slobber all over my face… I swear if I was having a bad day, there was no way I was leaving that house upset anymore.

I am not crazy, I have human friends too, but nothing compares to the love and attention dogs give you. I have 7 reasons I would much rather play with any dog than socialize with any human:

1. They’re furry

Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than petting a dog. I don’t know what it is about their fur, but it has a relaxing and calming feel to it. Not to mention, you get to see their tail wag when you scratch their head a certain way!

2. Super affectionate animals

I know after a long, hard day at work, I want nothing more than to come home to see my puppies. Humans will never greet you the way dogs do (that would be a bit ridiculous). But I mean, you would think I left them for two years after I come home from work. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so loved and be jumped on and covered with kisses.

3. You can have a heart to heart without interruptions

Since the first day I got my dog, he was my best friend. There would be times I just wanted to vent and he was always there to comfort me. The best part is I can literally go on and on for hours without them interrupting me…also, they can’t leave because I lock them in the room with me.

4. Dogs are intuitive (they can feel when you’re sad)

I remember one day I came home from school crying. I just had one of those days where nothing went my way, and I just wanted to get home and have a good cry. I kid you not, my dog somehow “sensed” that and came scratching at my door for me to let him in. He forced me to pet him the whole time by sticking his head under my arm, trying to lift it on to his head. He definitely made me feel better with just the attention and loyalty he showed me.

5. They’re loyal

No matter what, dogs have your back so long as you have theirs. Treat them with love and respect and they will be forever grateful and spend the rest of their lives making you feel safe and loved right back.

6. They’re goofy

There are times I question why dogs do the things they do. Why they feel the need to run on ice in the winter, literally eat another dog’s sh*t, or run around the dining room table until their dinner is placed in front of them, it will never get old. There have been times I have even enjoyed goofing off with them. The amount of times I would call my dog from another room then jump out and scare the hell out of her, it’s hilarious. She is smart though, there are times she gets me back too.

7. They are ruthless – in a good way

It’s disgusting how many times my dog will just fart (and it’ll scare the hell out of him) and he just kind of looks at me straight-faced. Like nothing happened. Like “don’t you dare say anything Kristina, I know where you sleep”. That look alone is enough to make me glance up into space, pretending I didn’t hear a sound.

Let’s face it, humans are a lot of work. They come with a lot of baggage and drama and sometimes it’s just not worth the fuss. I know this probably sounds strange, especially to those of you who don’t own dogs, but I am a huge dog lover (as you can tell), and my dogs have literally been there for me the best way they know how. If I had a bad day, they instantly make it better by running to the door as soon as I walk in. If I feel like going outside for fresh air, they are more than willing to come with me and throw the ball around. When I am home alone and scared because I heard the doorbell ring unexpectedly, they’re the ones who bark their heads off until that person leaves. Dogs are worth getting slobber all on my face for, or being tackled like a football player. There isn’t anything I woudn’t do for them. And only if you’re a dog lover, will you understand that to be true.

Featured Image via Cantodeflores.


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