8 Things Every Woman In Her Twenties Needs To Do

Today is as young as we’ll ever be again, so stop saying “one day” and do that thing TODAY. Life goes by in an instant, and before you know it, you’ve graduated college, are working a nine to 5 job and only care about what is in your Amazon cart at the moment.

Below is a list I’ve curated for women in their twenties to accomplish. Now, keep in mind, these aren’t your typical bucket list tasks. From maryjane, to nudity, to erotica, this list is sure to get your adrenaline going!

1. Read a novel

None of that fan-fiction b.s. – but a classic book (think Emma or The Age of Innocence).   

2. Dance the night away in a city you’ve never been to

Ibiza is on my list, how about you? 

3. Stay naked for twenty-four hours

You might need to stay inside for this one, but think of how exhilarated you will feel.

4. Smoke a joint with someone in your family

I’ve done this with my brother and aunt – let’s just say Thanksgiving dinner was a blur. 

5. Go a week without wearing a bra

Or a month. Or a year.  

6. Watch an erotic film

Do this without touching yourself, or anyone else for that matter. 

7. Buy tickets for you and your plus one to an intimate concert

Find an indie artist and go to a local show (I recommend a band like Wet). 

8. Stop giving a f*ck about what everyone else your age is doing and focus on YOU

Do any of these sound appealing to you? Let us know how it goes!

Photo by Becca Tarter on Unsplash


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