Rand Paul’s Sassy Tweets Were The Best Part of The Democratic Debate

After Donald Trump’s most recent display of bravado this week, the Democrats followed up last night with a debate of their own. NBC News and YouTube welcomed Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley (wait, who?) to the stage for nearly three hours of useless banter.

Maybe, we’re just hearing too much about the candidates these days, but I personally was bored to tears an hour into the debate, tired of hearing Hillary yell at Bernie, Bernie yell at Hillary and no one yell at Martin O’Malley.

Republican candidate and 90’s Justin Timberlake impersonator Rand Paul, however, stole the show with his minute-by-minute commentary of the debate proceedings. His tweets ranged from serious critiques of his opponents statements to straight up sassy attacks on Democratic candidatesAnd the Internet loved every minute of it.

In case you missed it, we’ve narrowed down Paul’s tweets to our top 10 favorites to liven up your Monday morning.

Hey, at least he’s willing to call out problems between both parties’ debates.

Though O’Malley is a relative unknown, Paul still took fire…even if it is a backhanded compliment.

Right there with you, Bernie.

At least he gets that anyone who watched the debate probably made it into a drinking game. It’s a long weekend!

A tweet-storm would be nothing without a shameless plug.

Even Paul wasn’t having fun last night.

“Hey, where’s O’Malley? Send the other guy back in! I’m bored.”

The middle class! Immigration reform! Team work! Synergy! Millennials! *Explodes*

Anything to liven up the last three hours.

Even Bernie didn’t want to be there!

Say what you want about Paul’s shot at winning the Republican nominee, but he was the real winner of tonight’s debate. Hey, maybe if this whole Presidential run doesn’t work out, he should consider a future in comedy.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore.


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