Why Being Called ‘Weird’ Is The Best Compliment You Can Receive

Ask someone to describe me. An adjective often bestowed on me is “weird,” maybe even awkward, or my personal favorite: the “awkward-weird”. I used to take serious offense to this because I didn’t want to be the odd one out. I wanted to fit in, like every other naive and terrified freshman searching for their place. As I have grown, I have come to realize that being the weird one is not an insult. It is a compliment. They are basically saying, “Hey you, yeah you are one of a kind!” and what is better than that?

So what if I watch cartoons and get excited to see characters at theme parks? Yeah, I do pop, lock, and drop it at the grocery store, at the gym, and on my way to class. Telling people my life story has begun to feel like my day job. I went to the eye doctor and was only there for an hour and now has more than enough info on my life. I told her about my family, what my future plans are, and even showed her pictures of my wedding board on Pinterest. What’s a life if you don’t share it…with everyone?

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you…I even have braless and more than likely pant-less days at home. It’s so liberating, you have no idea until you try it. Trust me once you do, you’ll never go back. You will clear your schedule and make sure you have a day carved out for braless/pant-less day. These things don’t always fit the social norm, but hey, they’re me.

If any of this is feeling oddly familiar, than welcome to the stone cold pack of weirdos. It’s a blessing really. Being weird has its perks. It makes you and those around you laugh more and have a lot more fun. Things are a little less expected, and a whole lot more spontaneous. You never know what’s coming next. You are using your creativity to add color to the world. Us weirdos are really just doing our Samaritan duty.

If it weren’t for us the world would be boring and humorless. So disregard any nasty looks or the “Oh my god! What is that person doing?” glares, because we all know deep down they wish they had the confidence that you do. Dress up. Dance goofy. Say stupid but incredibly genius puns. Even tell a stranger your whole life story while waiting in line at the bathroom. Be versatile and be you. Because in this world that’s all you can be. So embrace it.

Featured image via Juan Vargas on Pexels


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