10 Reasons Why We Need More Female Entrepreneurs


When you think of entrepreneurs, do you immediately imagine a certain gender? While it’s impossible to make generalizations, it is helpful to consider the unique qualities that women (and men) bring to startups and innovative business ideas.

Many of the stereotypical characteristics of the “businessman” don’t apply to women. That doesn’t mean that women are less effective or capable. The competencies that women bring to the table are powerful. Read on for a rundown of reasons why female entrepreneurs are wired for high achievement. 

1. They take others into account.

When they build their businesses, they deliver consistent value for all of the stakeholders: employees, customers, founders, and investors. They’re not solely out for their gain. They build alliances and take the long view. Whether doing a search for marketplace brands or going the extra mile for a client, they inspire loyalty and high-quality connections. 

2. They value work-life balance.

While work is important, it isn’t everything. For many women, having a full, rich life outside of work enhances their on-the-job performance and commitment to the company. They realize that burnout and employee churn eventually result in a negative impact on their bottom line. 

3. They network naturally.

In communities and families, women depend on each other. Networking is organic, not artificial. That said, women benefit from both formal and informal networking. Having a strong network means that resources stay more stable during the life of the business. Women who network effectively can continuously draw upon the experience, strength, and hope of others. 

4. They have high standards.

Mediocre results or efforts won’t fly. That said, women tend to have a keen awareness of the type of training and support that employees need to succeed. Then the enterprise saves money and time because low-quality work and haphazard efforts are avoided from the beginning. 

5. They share the limelight.

Female entrepreneurs build enterprises where all stakeholders are valued for the unique input and contributions they provide. Sharing recognition is a top value. It improves morale and empowers the whole enterprise. 

6. They multitask effectively.

Women are adept at balancing multiple roles at the same time. Also, they are good at working toward several priorities within a given period. While they have a strong capacity for focus on a single task, a full plate doesn’t frighten them. 

7. They consult with others.

Going at it alone is unusual for successful women. They have a natural, easy consultative style and seek out others for input about key decisions to make sure they don’t have any blind spots. Female entrepreneurs are agile and willing to change course if they learn something new about a task or project. 

8. They prioritize hard work.

Putting in a strong effort is second nature. Women are willing to do what’s necessary to hit benchmarks and goals and don’t often let ego get in the way of accomplishment. If failure strikes, there’s a tendency to revise the plan and work smart. 

9. They are cautious.

Decisions are well thought out and thoroughly calculated. Over Focusing on shiny objects or the latest newest thing is uncommon. This results in fewer projects and initiatives getting derailed. The business won’t get overextended. 

10. They negotiate well.

Female entrepreneurs usually understand that value is broadly defined; it includes process and relationships. It doesn’t have to do only with the amount of money that changes hands. Therefore, their negotiations balance all the subtle factors involved. 

Female entrepreneurs have a variety of personalities and approaches. It’s instructive to consider the powerful ways that women can leverage their strengths in the business world. Keep these factors in mind as you navigate relationships in the marketplace. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels


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