8 Non-Traditional Wedding Looks For The Modern Bride

non-traditional bridal wedding looks

Wedding planning can be mentally draining, but finding a wedding look shouldn’t be. On one of the most important days of your life, you should be wearing something that makes you feel absolutely beautiful while staying true to your personal style. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have to feel pressured into getting a traditional look. If you are looking for something truly unique, check out the options included in this list. Furthermore, all of these looks ring in at under $2,000! 

Here are 8 non-traditional looks for the modern bride:

1. For the Minimalist

 Image via White House Black Market, $160

At just $160, this jumpsuit will make you feel like a celebrity on the red carpet without having to empty all your savings. It is very minimalistic, but instead, it gives you the freedom to wear some bold jewelry in colors like blue and emerald.

2. For the Retro Gal

Image via Unique-Vintage , $128

Calling all pin-up girls and vintage junkies! This swing dress with polka dots for only $128 would go great with some cowboy boots or t-strap heels. 

3. For the Nature Lover

Image credit via Mac Duggal, $698

Traditionally, you don’t see much color on a wedding gown. However, since this is all about untraditional looks, you must see this dress that looks like it was created in a field of flowers. The dress is a light grey color with accompanying embroidered flowers in shades of reds, pinks, and other greys. If you wear this, be prepared to be called a Disney princess all night and love every second of it. And all for $698!  

4. For the Dreamer

Image credit via Marchesa,$1,295

With layers upon layers of coral tulle and flowers, this dress is a beautiful alternative to the traditional white dress. Moreover, it will blend perfectly with your flowers. Its bold color will make it so easy for any bride trying to accessorize; you won’t need to – the dress does all of the work itself. It might be on the pricey side ($1,295), but it’s definitely worth it.

5. For the Thrill Seeker

Image credit via June Bridals, $750

Enter the black wedding dress! Perfect for the bride who envisions dark and deep tones at her wedding. A bouquet of red and purple flowers, some deep eggplant color lipstick, and a floral crown would complete the look.

6. For the Romantic Boheme

Image credit via  ASOS, $237

Budget-friendly. Gorgeous. And a stand out piece. This ASOS Edition blue, floral dress not only fulfills your ‘something new’, but you can also check this off your list for ‘something blue’. Treat yourself to some green or blue agate statement earrings on Etsy, which are perfect for when the light hits them and reflects the blues and greens in your dress.

7. For the Cultural Arts Enthusiast

Image credit via My Dress Line, $1,500

One word that comes to mind at first glance of this dress is royalty. It has such a detailed, exquisite embroidery and a train that is dramatic. This aqua color would look remarkable with rose gold earrings and a matching rose gold clutch.

8. For the Fashion-Forward Bride

Image credit via Catherine Deane, $220

This 1940s-styled perfectly tailored satin pants paired with a lace, scalloped-sleeved crop top scream edgy glamour. Side pockets make it so you can carry all of your small necessities without the hassle of a bag. 

It’s so refreshing to see brides branching out from the one-color dresses of yesterday. Today, women are pushing the bar in just about every aspect of society, including their wedding looks. I genuinely hope that these picks will inspire you and start a thought process of what would make you feel beautiful instead of what others would expect you to look beautiful in. Cheers to individuality!

Featured image from @orione-conceicao-1531154 via Pexels.


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