7 Job Industries That Are Dominated By Women

When it comes to ladies in the workplace, it’s no coincidence that some tasks should just be left to women. There are plenty of careers out there that are dominated by females, and not because men aren’t allowed to do the jobs too. Below are a few prime examples of jobs that are totally run by women in this modern age:

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Flight Data & Certification Office

It may be an old wives tale that women control offices, but if you’ve ever seen an episode of The Office, or actually work in one yourself, you’ll notice that men typically work there too. But this isn’t the case at Flight Data. After running for years upon years filing paperwork for the university’s flight department, the office finally hired a man in 2016. The female analysts and students have high hopes for their new male co-worker.

Social Workers

Social workers often have to mediate, step in, or help at-risk or vulnerable individuals. So it may be understandable why those with maternal instincts are typically the ones running the show. Three of the top jobs in this field include: child, family, and clinical social workers. Child and family social workers tend to do what they can to protect vulnerable children; these two also tend to support families in need of assistance. Clinical social workers do their part in diagnosing and/or treating mental health issues, behavioral development concerns, and emotional breakdowns.

Registered Nurses

When it comes to emergencies and health care growing up, Mom was always there for us, so it’s no surprise to see the busy bees of the hospital have those same concerned maternal faces. Male nurses do exist and do work just as hard at work to get the job done, but as with social workers, patience and compassion are vital in this field of work. Historically, women took all the jobs they could, so during wartime, women weren’t typically allowed on the battlefronts with their husbands, brothers, and fathers. They were, however, allowed to help those who were wounded. Now, the nursing profession has grown into various fields and into different specializations. There are more choices now and entering the industry isn’t as difficult if you have the right tools, one can take a family nurse practitioner program right at home and be able to further their studies via web.

Counselors and Psychologists

Women dominate the jobs that really need the warm and fuzzy feelings to help people feel comfortable. They know how to help their friends open up, so why not their patients, too? Whether it’s gossiping with Jenny from the block or listening to whispers from a traumatized child, females tend to have the control of the board here.

Tax Preparers, Examiners, Collectors, and Revenue Agents; Financial Specialists

Women know their money. Tasks like preparing for a trip or a shopping spree/grocery shopping are usually handled by women, since planning always includes handling money down to the cent. With groceries, guys typically like to grab whatever they want to eat, not the ingredients to prepare the full meal at home.

Advertising/Promotions Managers

When it comes to getting a message known and spread, what better way than to call up all your girlfriends and get them involved? Advertising and Promoting Managers across the board are females because they know how to communicate what they need to when it comes down to work.

Insurance Underwriters, Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators

If you don’t think Mom was the first to respond to emergencies or find your lost socks then you must have not been paying attention growing up. Handling the budget in an emergency and coming to the scene to examine and investigate are exactly what happens when Mom comes home to see her children hurt or in need. In this situation, Dad would take over if force or action is required just like the police!

As long as a job is accomplished properly, and safely, it really does not matter who does the job. Men are fully welcome to take control and hold the hands of those who need them, but for now it’s time for the ladies to dominate. These are only a handful of the jobs out there that women are handling nearly by themselves, but rest assured ladies, there’s plenty out there for you!

Featured Image Via screengrab from The Devil Wears Prada


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