Why Love Isn’t The Only Thing That Comes When You Least Expect It

A guy’s best friend is said to be his dog, a girl’s is said to be diamonds. I disagree. My best friend is, well, my best friend. The girl is also known as my partner in crime, shoulder to cry on, person to lay in bed and eat an entire pizza with, and the one I will harass mercilessly by sending her funny memes and articles that I think apply to us. I love her and I love knowing she would do anything for me. I know it’s special because I would do anything for her too. Not kidding. I was the person she called when she couldn’t breathe or walk and needed to be taken to Urgent Care. She also has been known to text me “tacos” and I’ll be at her house within ten minutes. I’m completely comfortable with her, I know we can talk about anything and not be embarrassed. Trust me, we’ve had some weird conversations. That’s the kind of friendship I have always dreamed of having…

but it didn’t come easy.

I’ve had several best friends over the years. Several people I thought would last forever, people I thought would be by my side no matter what…and now they are gone and that’s okay. In my opinion, you have to test some people out to find the right match. After all, we are talking about your true soul mate here, and those don’t come easy. It’s like all things in life, good things will come if you wait, and they will happen when you are least expecting it.

I found this girl at a time when I wasn’t looking for a friend. I was heartbroken over a boy, and conveniently so was she. Believe it or not, we formed our friendship over Taco Bell and tears. And since then our lives have consistently mirrored one another. It’s actually kinda scary how similar we are and how alike our past few months have been. I feel like we’ve been through it all with one another and I have loved watching her transition from ending spiral of a negative relationship to a healthy, beautiful one with another man.

It took me a while to get to a point like this with someone. You don’t need to find your soul mate in your first friend. We don’t all meet our best friend for life while we are still in diapers. That’s actually not likely to happen, because at that point there is no indication of who you really are. You don’t have to know your best friend for eight years, or hell even a year. I’ve known mine for a year and a half but we’ve only be friends in general for ten months and best friends for less than that. Time doesn’t mean a thing; it’s the bond and connection you have that matters. You might get a few dud best friends along the way, but eventually you will find the one.

The one that holds you while you cry. The one that will dance in the middle of the kitchen with you like an idiot. The one that will let you hang weird photos and stupid decorations on the wall of your new apartment. The one that will make sure your boyfriend doesn’t buy you something stupid for your birthday. The one that just makes your life better.

This is something that you can’t push. You can’t force it. You just have to let it happen and develop, beautifully, on its own.

You ever watch two people walk down the street laughing and wish you have what they have because you can tell they are always that happy and incredibly close? That is the kind of friendship people strive for, and you will have that one day. You will have the person that makes you feel truly like yourself and that will accept you no matter what. Even if they are not in your life right now, you will find them, and probably when you are least expecting it.

Featured image via Matheus Bertelli on Pexels


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