6 Not-So-Common Things All Girls Can Relate To

Whether it’s girl code or just your responsibility while in your prime years of womanhood, most girls have a list of funny things that they can relate to. Whether it’s our love for the same made-for-TV Rom Coms that play on the Women’s Network every saturday night (that we always manage to see) or the exhaustion of dealing with lies, we relate to it all. But there are some things in this world that we wouldn’t think we all share in common, but actually do.

Here are six not-so-common things all girls can relate to:

Okay, we’ve all had a wild night out with our girlfriends and we may have documented the whole thing on Snapchat. Whether it’s getting ready together, the Uber ride to the bar, our girl hitting on someone while we do the zoom in to her face multiple times from a distance or coming home and someone falling in the garden on your way to the door. We realize it’s annoying… And extremely embarrassing the next morning.

I couldn’t agree more with this tweet. It’s sad to say that we are afraid of literally everything at a certain time of day, but with the amount of crime going on in the world recently, who can blame us? It’s horrible! Like I always say, it’s not the race of a person who scares me, it’s their gender, especially if they start walking really fast behind me.


Even if it isn’t that hot outside, we’ll use any excuse to be over a man (and not having to wear a bra). Aside from the fact we want to avoid men and lies, we can actually relate to these feelings when it is really hot outside because we just can’t deal with these horrible issues in the heat.

When your friend dates a man, we all date that man. Plain and simple. If you complain about him all the time, I especially do not like him because I see the pain he causes. It sounds a little invasive if you don’t understand the bond you and your friends share, but how could you not? We become so invested in our friends relationships whether we like to or not.

Every single woman hates Snapchat dating culture. As mentioned in this tweet, we love sending ugly snaps of ourselves to our friends because we know they don’t judge and will send us one back. Come to think of it, if a man asks you for your Snapchat and not your number, he just cock blocked himself so don’t even waste your time. Snapchat is for your besties!

First of all, we don’t even need to be drunk to belt our hearts out to this, we just need an aux cord. When someone goes through heartbreak, so do we, and what’s better than to belt our hearts out with our besties while we try to have a good night together to take her mind off of it? Carrie Underwood provided a perfect song for it and I, nor any other woman will apologize for loving it.

See? You found yourself nodding your head in agreement to almost (if not) all of these listed. It’s kind of funny that it’s an unspoken bond we all share. Maybe it is girl code, or maybe it’s the fact that this is how we’ve been conformed due to pop culture influences. Regardless, I wouldn’t change the way I and my girl gang are any day.

What things do you and your girls relate to?

Featured image via Omar Lopez on Unsplash


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