It’s The Nighttime When I Miss You The Most

I was stuck in what was the biggest writing rut that I have ever been in. Nothing felt like it was worth putting on paper and showing the world. So I decided that maybe it was time to put prose to bed and find a new direction with this poem. 

The poem, which is untitled, is about a moment between two people at night and under the covers. It’s a simple poem, but it depicts the time of day that I really like. Nighttime is a constant stream of consciousness for me and I seem to come up with the best trains of thought when I am curled up in bed. 

But sometimes, I miss the warmth of a loving body next to me when the nights are lonely and my thoughts are too much.

You toe your way through the door.

And sit, causing a dip, on the bed 

You huff 

And put a hand through my curls.

I sigh,



In a world where I was able to say goodnight to you in person.

Where I woke up and saw your face,

With the first light, your expression

In fondness.

With eyes clear in full sleep.

I sigh,



Knowing blindly,

That you’ll curl into me, 

Knees touching 

And meet me in a world

Where I smile

that faint smile you like, 

And take your hand 

To cross into another world, together.

In this poem, I try to describe such a simple moment of tenderness and vulnerability.

I am not perfect and I tend to not show much vulnerability in full daylight. 

But at night when I think fondly of past or present lovers, the thing I miss the most is the warmth of the person that loves me and gazes at me with affection like this. 

Photo by peter bucks on Unsplash


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