Forever Grateful: 5 Things You Should Always Thank Your Dad For

He was the only man in your life for years and the first one you ever loved. He would read you your favorite story books and watch the same movies over and over. He danced with you at prom, and one day, he’ll dance with you at your wedding. He is superman, and he is your dad. With a special shout out to my dad, who has been there whenever and wherever I needed him, I think it’s important to show gratitude every day of the year, and not just on Father’s Day. Here are five things we should always thank our fathers for:

  1. Thank You For Being Overprotective
    When I was younger, my dad would hold my hand wherever we walked, and he would sit in the car until I was all the way in the house when I went to my friends. Then came the teenage years where I didn’t want my friends to think I “needed” my dad. Even with all my teenage attitude, my dad never failed at protecting me when it came to dropping me off at school dances, and telling me not to date boys. After being in university, I realized that feeling like you need your dad is something very special. I am lucky to say that I can call my dad anytime in the night, and he would come pick me up wherever I am. So thank you, dad, for protecting me.

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  1. Thank You For Supporting Me In All That I Do
    I know that you probably would have rather been watching a soccer game than come to my dance recitals, but you always showed up with mom and cheered me on. I also know you were bored, and just wanted to see me during those extra – curricular activities, but you sat through every dance or race until it was my turn. It means the world to me that you always support me and are proud of all that I do.

  1. Thank You For The Pep-Talks
    Even though it probably never seemed like I was listening, I really did hear every word. When I was feeling down about a bad grade, or a friend, you were always the one to keep me positive about myself. You told me all the reasons I had to believe in myself and be happy with who I was, even on some of the worst days I had. When school got tough, you would tell me I had the potential to conquer the world. Thanks to you, dad, I’m really starting to believe it.

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  1. Thank You For Spoiling Me
    It’s true, I’m a daddy’s girl and I definitely used it to my advantage. There was no limit to what I could ask – Can I have money? Can I buy another pair of new shoes? Can I go to this concert? Can I get a ride?. Whenever mom said no, I could always count on you to say yes. The one thing you would say no to was “Can I go on a date with this guy?” which I guess I’m also grateful for because it showed that you cared.

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  1. Thank You For Allowing Me To Chase My Dream
    My first three years of university have been a whirlwind of ups and downs and not having a clue what to do with my life. From applying to schools, to figuring out where to apply for post – grad, you never got in the way or put a career path in my head. You guided me when I needed it, but always pushed me to make the best decision for myself. So thank you for being there but never pressuring me.

modern family fathers happy fathers day fathers day father and son

Dads are the real MVP when it comes to lifting your spirits, and patiently dealing with all the girl drama. We had our fights (which was usually occurred because I was being bitchy), but even if we weren’t talking, I knew it would blow over. It is important to always be grateful for everything Fathers do, after all the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy. Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads. 

Featured image via Dominika Roseclay on Pexels


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