Say Goodbye Now If Your Relationship Doesn’t Have These 6 Things

After reading the title of this article you’re probably asking yourself if I really have the answer to this age-old question. And to be honest, well, everyone is different, but I can probably answer for the majority of women in the world. Men are on a never-ending journey to find out what we want but in reality it’s pretty simple. There’s things women want in a relationship (surprise gifts, a good-looking man, etc.) and then there’s things women need:

1. Honesty

This is obviously a great quality to have but is even greater when it comes to the little things. Being completely open about your past, to telling you that you honestly look great in those jeans; it all adds up. Women don’t want men to feel like they have to lie to them because they’re scared of the consequences. If you have an open and honest relationship from the start, honesty should just become a habit.

2. Acceptance

Acceptance is a great personality trait for anyone to have, but when it comes to a boyfriend; girls just want to be accepted for every single little quirky, weird thing that we do. We want to feel so close to someone who don’t need to be perfect all the time. We just want to fart and burp whenever the hell we feel like it and we don’t care if you might think it’s gross because we know you’ll still love us.

3. Caring

This is clearly something that the majority of people look for in a relationship but sometimes actions speak louder than words. Caring can be something as miniscule as a good morning text to something like making a meal for your girlfriend just because you know she had a busy day and won’t have time to cook for herself between everything she has to do. Random massages wouldn’t hurt either! Give and you will receive!

4. The challenge to be better

If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t challenge you to be a better person than you were the day before, then why are you still with them? Being in a relationship is about being with someone you know will help you get to be the person you want to be. A good boyfriend should be encouraging you to take that awesome opportunity even if it means being apart from each other for a while. Even pushing you every day to go to the gym together is a good challenge to help you become a better person.

5. Friendship

You have your best girl friend and then you have your boyfriend. The best thing about having a boyfriend that’s also your best friend is that you can cuddle, kiss them, and talk about life whenever you feel like it. It’s the best of both worlds!

6. Laughter

Sometimes after a long day, all you need is a nice glass of wine, some cuddling, and a good laugh. Having an inside joke or watching a funny show with your significant other brings you closer. Whether you realize it or not, laughter in a relationship makes all the difference. If you can’t laugh and have fun together it’s not going to work out. Sorry not sorry.

In the end, I’d say it’s the little things that mean the most in any relationship. I’m not saying everyone is the same when it comes to looking for a great boyfriend but everyone wants these qualities to at least some degree because they make a relationship work! Relationships aren’t easy but when you’re with the right person, the little things make all the difference.

Featured image via Norexy_art on Pixabay


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