To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe She Is Good Enough

To you,

You are beautiful. You are perfect. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. I wish you could understand that what you think of as flaws, I think of as beauty. I wish you could see how amazing your personality is; how you light up a room whenever you walk in. I wish you would let people in past those walls you build up. They would love to see the you that I see. You are good enough. You are so much better than the way that you define yourself. I wish you would learn to love your body. Self-love is so important and it kills me to see you dying inside. I watch your face every time you look at yourself. The disgust in your eyes. You wish you could change everything about yourself.  

I see the pain in your eyes as you analyze every imperfection on your body. But what you don’t understand is, your imperfections make you perfectly imperfect. Your value lies so much deeper than your own perception of yourself.  If you loved yourself the way you love others you would be so much happier. You deserve that. You are so strong.  Much stronger than you think. You have overcome so much in such a short time. I know you can’t see that just yet but when you do you will realize the special impact you have on people. You are a fighter; you exert a confidence and selflessness that not many people have. I see that in you. You care. You care far beyond what is expected of you. You put your heart and soul into people you love. You give all on you. That is a rare quality.

You believe in people. You see the good in them. You find the one good quality behind their many flaws. You make them want to fight. To not give up. You make them believe in themselves and the better parts of life. You make them want to live. I see the fire in your eyes and the passion in your soul. I see the way you can command a room when you are speaking about something you love and the effect you have on people. I see the kindness and appreciation you have for animals and children. You are so dedicated to making others happy.

You are my inspiration, which is why it kills me to see how little you think of yourself. I see how much you are hurting. I can see it in your eyes when someone hurts you or the forced smile when you’re trying to pretend everything is okay. I can see it when you push people away or when you make them think everything is okay. I can see the hurt you try so hard to cover up. The pain you try to hard to get away. The desire to be happy but the reality that you believe…you never will be.

Open up to people. Let your spirit shine through. Learn from your mistakes. Trust others. You are good enough. You are smart. You are ambitious. You are caring, and you are strong. You make me want to be a good person you give me a hope in life that I never had before. You’ve made me believe that life can be special. That life can be worth it. That I shouldn’t give up even when it gets hard and that I will always have people like you cheering me on. Making me my best self, giving me tough love when I need it and unconditional support when I deserve it. For teaching me how to be brave, how to be independent and how to get through the hard times alone.

So thank you, thank you for everything. For your wisdom, for never giving up on me, for making me learn to love myself, and especially for the tough love. Thank you for the never-ending lectures, for forcing me to get a grip on my life, and for believing in me enough to make me try.  And most importantly for picking me up again every time I fail. Thank you for listening to me. For making me challenge myself every time I come up with another excuse for why I can’t do something. For caring about me enough to be brutally honest with me no matter how much it hurts and especially for loving me, unconditionally through everything. Through the pain I put you through, through the struggle I make you endure, through the hard times, through the good times. They say you see someone’s character through the hardest times in life and that has never been truer for you. You truly are one of a kind and God put you in my life for a special reason. I have never been more blessed to have not only a friend but also a soulmate, you understand my heart in ways that others don’t and you appreciate my insecurities, which is so important.

Never forget how special you are, how important you are and, how lovely you are. Never belittle yourself into thinking you are any less than you are. You are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are amazing. Never let anyone dull your sparkle no matter how hard they try. Never let anyone’s words hurt you, never let life’s struggles get to you and especially never let that nasty voice inside your head change the perception you have of you. I hope you achieve your dreams and make something of yourself. I know you will. I believe in you. Thank you for never letting me forget the important parts of life, for talking with me for hours about the hardest parts of life , figuring out all of life’s troubles one day at a time and for always reminding me to push through. The love I have for you is deeper than ever imaginable. So one day I hope you will learn to love yourself the way you deserve to.

All my love,

The girl who believes in you

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash


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