The Day I Finally Forgot To Miss You

This is a poem about the moment that you realize you haven’t been thinking about that special person anymore. That one that you thought you would never be able to erase from your mind. The one that broke your heart in two and never thought that you would be able to move on from. It is about that clarity that you feel when the moment has passed and you feel like you’re alive again, knowing that you did this major accomplishment and didn’t even realize it.

The sun was shining,
And it felt like a good day.
Sweet tunes in my ear,
And joy was all around me in every way.

I felt good about the moment,
I felt okay about life,
I felt the warmth in the air,
I felt faith with all my might.

I don’t know how it happened,
Or why I stopped to care,
But I found myself in the moment,
Remembering you weren’t there.

I don’t remember the exact day,
Or why the thought crossed my mind,
But you had escaped my life,
And I really hadn’t questioned why.

It was in that moment,
That I remembered all along,
I stopped looking for you in the world,
And all the reasons why it went wrong.

I can look back now,
And be okay with the time that has passed.
I can relish in the moment,
But I still can’t believe that one big moment that I missed.

One day I stopped looking for you.
In all the moments of weakness,
I turned to something else,
Another fix of something strong to get me by.

In all my moments of sadness,
I found something else to take comfort in,
Knowing the words that I would hear from you,
We give me nothing other than a reply.

In all my moments of happiness,
Of strength that had come from within,
I found that I didn’t want to share them with you,
So desperately as I once did.

I stopped looking for your face in the crowd,
And hoping that we would meet by chance.
I stopped thinking that the sun rose for you,
And that I had somehow miss a glance.

One day I stopped looking for you,
Not even realizing that I was seeking you all along.
I stopped replaying your voice in my mind,
Because I finally realize the relationship we had was all wrong.

I can’t get over the joy it brings to my life,
Remembering that I stopped remembering you,
And all the times,
That you broke me down.

I can’t get over the moment I forgot you in my life,
And I don’t even know why.
The moments I’m not aching for you are gone,
And I have finally said my goodbye.

I can’t get over the sweet sound of nothingness,
I find in my heart.
The hole has been filled,
And it is finally beating on it’s own again.

One day I stopped looking for you,
And I don’t remember the weather pattern or the change of mind,
But I do remember the day I realize,
It was better not to have you in my life.

Featured image via Caju Gomes on Unsplash


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