7 People You’ll Want To Avoid On Campus At All Times

Obviously, you’re bound to meet a lot of people on your college campus, no matter how big or small it may be. However, not all of these encounters are going to be positive, and there are a few definite people who mostly everyone has come to avoid at one point or another. Here is a comprehensive list of seven of those unpleasant people:

1. The Orientation “Best Friend”. You know, the one you stuck with through your entire orientation? The one who said you’d be best friends all four years? Yeah, that one. Let’s see who tries to avoid eye contact first when you see each other on your way to class. Homer and Smithers

2. The Teacher’s Pet. “Excuse me Professor, you forgot to collect the homework!” No one’s as excited as the teacher’s pet is to be reading chapter after chapter of your $200 textbook. I call this one the “Monica Geller of Learning.” 

Lisa's only friends

3. The Kid That Contributes Absolutely Nothing In Group Projects. Every member is supposed to put in an equal amount of work according to your professor, but there’s always that one person who puts in less. They’re the one who enthusiastically agrees to every group member’s ideas so that they don’t have to put in their own. You know the old saying, “When I die, I want my group project members to lower me into the grave so they can let me down one last time” from Tumblr? That kid’s the reason for it. 

Bart tried he really tried

4. The One Professor Whose Class You Always Missed. Whether or not you have another class with him/her, they’re going to be around campus and you’re going to have to accept it. Your best bet is to disappear into thin air. Or just hide behind a garbage can.  

Homer hiding gif

5. The Strict RAs On Duty On Friday Nights. Nothing says buzzkill like having to quietly sneak drinking with your friends in your dorm room while the RAs make rounds. 

Alcohol prohibited in Springfield

6. The Professor Who’s Way Too Tough With Grades. You could write on a test what they said in class word for word and they’d still give you a C at best. With him/her, there’s never an easy way to get an A. 

Doing it wrong

7. Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend. If there’s ever a time for excruciating elevator rides and awkward dining hall run-ins, IT’S NEVER. Avoid eye contact at all times. 

Maggie You Suck

If you think you won’t run into any one of these on your campus, I can tell you you’re probably wrong. Don’t be discouraged, however. You’re sure to make plenty of great people who will make these seven seem like a few flies on the windshield.

Featured Image via screengrab from YouTube


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