Why All Grown Ass Men Should Start Keeping A Journal

For all men of a grown ass nature: Why don’t you own a journal?

I mean, fair enough if you genuinely don’t care and don’t want to, but otherwise… what the heck?

Let’s remember; it’s 2019, after all! Gone are the days where journaling is exclusive to 15-year-old white girls with a crush on Brad Higgins from Sports Science. That perception is so 2009.

In all seriousness, though, journaling provides many positive benefits. Ditch the stereotypical image, and realize how broad the term journaling really is!

Here’s the thing: being a grown ass man is a liberating and regal title. Own that shit!

You know why? Because being a grown ass man means a lot of things, but more than anything, it means you can do whatever your (morally correct) mind wants to do.

As a grown ass man with love for himself, you can like feminine things. I’m not saying journaling is feminine, but it can be portrayed that way. It’s not just about writing diary entries discussing your latest crushes and how you wished they’d notice you. Nah, that’s all baloney. Any time you don’t understand something or your mind can’t make sense of itself… write it down in your journal. When you put your brain’s stream of consciousness to paper with no restrictions, you give your mind total control.

Then, bam! Right there on the page, you have your answers.

Or, at least some weird convoluted manifestation of an answer that gives you some kind of relief.

It can be as simple or as complex as you like. You don’t have to be the greatest writer in history, and no one has to see it. This is for you. Writing in a journal will help clear your mind.

For example, if you are having trouble deciding what to you should do with you life, perhaps a journal could help! You could write out your likes, dislikes, or even just start writing and see what comes out. You may discover things about yourself that you never knew, like your love for singing. Maybe you’re not good at it, or maybe it doesn’t end up being your lifetime career. But, it’s a start.

Also, you may spend some more time with yourself and your thoughts, which could lead to better self-care. Let’s say you write down, “Man! My balls are really itchy!” and realize they’ve been itching for 15 days. You may think while you write, “I really should call the doctor.” Bam! You’re taking better care of yourself just by writing down your thoughts! (By the way, this has never happened to me, but if you’ve been scratching your balls for 15 days, do us all a favor and get that checked out.)

Hopefully I don’t need to sell the concept of journaling to you anymore! I’m a poet, so I cry on the page and let everyone read the tears. But, trust me, everything I’ve said is true. As a grown ass man with respect and love for himself has every right to own a journal.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, men. We’re just about as much of a mess as anyone, and we often get confused. Where’s the harm in owning a journal to make sure all that mess in your head gets sorted out and doesn’t send you into a rage of insanity.

Go forth, fellow grown ass gentlemen, and purchase yourself a journal!

I mean, you probably already talk to yourself, right? Exactly, so do it on paper so you can remember the good stuff.

Feature Image by Brad Neathery on Unsplash


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