Your Personal Survival Kit: 10 Things Your Bag Must Have

“I know it’s in here somewhere,” is a phrase we’ve all helplessly uttered at one point or another. Time to get rid of all that crap, (yes I’m looking at you, year-old receipts and movie tickets), and fill your bag with things you actually need.

Along with your phone, wallet, and keys of course, here are some items you might be forgetting:

1. Tampons

First of all, you might need it, or you could be someone’s savior from a hell of a lot of embarrassment. Either way, it is best to be prepared. Second of all, consider this familiar scenario: a fellow female in a public restroom smacks her forehead, frantically searching through her over-sized clutch (over-sized enough to fit everything but a tampon apparently); you pull one out, swiftly hand it over to the chick with an “I gotchu, girl.” That’s approximately 500 good karma points that are headed back in your direction when you forget a tampon and are quite literally in deep sh*t in the airport bathroom.

2. A safety pin

Wardrobe malfunctions? I think not.

3. Chapstick

You never know who you might be kissing! Also, in a much more realistic scenario, summer is upon us and your lips should always be protected from the sun and well moisturized; this has been a PSA to always remember Chapstick.

4. Tide-To-Go

Oh, your chocolate-vanilla swirl cone dripped on your white shorts while you were distractedly flirting with the lifeguard? To avoid this overly cliché scenario that has the potential to appear in Seventeen Magazine’s embarrassing moments section, whip out that trusty Tide-To-Go, and you’ll be saved in four minutes or less.

5. Bobby Pins

Because God knows where all 500 of them from your original pack have disappeared to.

6. Hand Sanitizer

Keep it clean. Also, they make those cute little guys from Bath and Body Works, so why not?

7. Oil Absorbing Sheets

These things are legitimate lifesavers. Are you feelin’ shiny? Do not fret! Using one of these little magical sheets and you’ll soon be matte as ever.

8. Headphones


If you were born with resting-nice-face but aren’t in the mood to make conversation with the other public transit commuters on your way to work, headphones are a great little device to give off the “leave me alone” vibes. And of course if you were born with resting-bitch-face, these are a no-brainer.

9. Deodorant/Roll-On Perfume

Imagine this: it’s one of those hot summer days. You rushed this morning, ran around juggling your responsibilities, and finally arrived at your destination, only to realize that you smell. Instead of suffering within your stench (and causing others around you to also suffer), remember that handy little fragrance in your bag. #Winning

10. Mini Hairspray

I learned this from my mama. Great way to amp up your hair during that midday flop. Smells great too, in case you forgot #9.

There you have it, folks. With these 10 items, you’ll be prepared for any situation the universe throws at you.

Featured image via Nick Noel on Unsplash


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