The 5 Stages of Growing Apart From Your Best Friend

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we grow apart from the people we love most. Whether it’s your best friend since kindergarten or your first college roommate, friendships fall apart and it can either be a curse or a blessing. Ending a friendship is never easy and it can often take on the same stages as grief. Here are some tell-tale signs that your friendship is over.

Denial: The demise of a friendship begins when one friend tells the other, “we need to hang out soon!” and you both know that probably will not happen. This is the denial stage. You and your friend are growing apart and neither of you want to admit it. It may be because there aren’t any gaps between your busy schedules or because other relationships are taking up your free time. Either way, you are no longer the dynamic duo you used to be.

Anger: After a long night of studying you check your Instagram to see your bestie out at a bar with another one of your friends. Your automatic reaction? Who does she think she is?  You can’t get it off your mind so you send a very passive aggressive text saying, “Looks like you had fun tonight. Thanks for the invite.” That will show her! Welcome to the anger stage. You haven’t accepted the fact that your friendship is drifting. Your BFF is bound to go on adventures without you, and you will eventually do the same. It is best to stay radio silent during this stage to avoid any hurtful words that should have been kept silent.

Bargaining: The anger has passed and you are left with feelings of regret. This is the stage where you are left thinking of things you should have done. If only you had made more of an effort. If only you weren’t so damn busy. The list goes on and on. Of course there are a million things you could have done, but would they have really made a difference in the end?

Depression: You and your long lost friend barely talk anymore. You are left with memories of the times you shared and the loneliness sets in. Things don’t seem as fun without them, and your other friends don’t understand you the same way your former best friend did. Although this time can be lonely, it is important to not get down on yourself. You are who you are. Nothing can last forever, but most importantly, everything happens for a reason.

Acceptance: Through time, your wounds have healed. You’ve moved on to better things. At this stage, you truly see your friendship for what it really was — and how it has helped shaped you into the person you’ve now become. In the end, you only wish good things for them. Maybe you will reunite down the road as successful adults. Until then, embrace the time you have with the great people in your life and be thankful for the memories you shared with the ones you left behind.

Be thankful for the memories you shared with the ones you left behind. Although friendships may not always last forever, the memories stick with you forever.

Featured image via Alina Vilchenko on Pexels


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