Stop Settling For ‘Pretty Good’ When Greatness Is Out There

My loves, you can’t be everyone’s answer.

You are a key, ready to unlock the world’s door, and yet, you won’t walk away from the first lock you don’t fit in. Sometimes, the answer lies in walking away. Sometimes, you need to move aside so the right key has the chance to open the door, and you have the chance to find your perfect fit. Sometimes, we attach ourselves to our dreams so strongly that they turn into nightmares. You can’t keep trying to fall back asleep, hoping you can continue that serene feeling. Chasing is only beneficial if you eventually catch something. You don’t want to find yourself stuck on an infinite treadmill, going nowhere.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to move on.

We tell ourselves so many great-sounding reasons to stay. We get caught somewhere between perseverance and obsession. Somewhere between passion and madness. After all, we were taught to go after what we want, so why shouldn’t we keep trying until it finally works?

The simple answer is that not everything is meant to be. You don’t want to be the kid with their hand stuck in the cookie jar, who won’t release their fist long enough to get out. I know that those cookies look delicious, but you’re going to need that hand for even better meals. You have to have open arms to catch your next big break. Blessings only come to those who accept them. Opportunity only comes to those who seize them. You will never find your soulmate if you’re still chasing someone who doesn’t love you  the way you deserve. You will never achieve your dream career if you’re still trying to make that boring 9-5 work.

Stop settling for “pretty good” when greatness is out there! For every new chapter, life will demand a character death. For every new challenge, life will demand a new you. The death of an idea can give birth to a new dream. At the end of the day, that’s all you are holding onto: an idea. Even though it may not feel that way now, you will find other options. Tony Robbins said: “There are no straight paths found in nature,” and that applies to you, too.

Embrace the curve!

Stop standing in place, waiting for the scenery to magically look more beautiful. The only way to reach a destination is to move forward. The only way to achieve greatness is to leave good behind.

Start today, right now! In order to become the hero in a hero’s journey, you first have to journey. Take that first step towards moving on. You don’t have to see the whole staircase to know that it will take you higher. Just trust that better things await you, as long as you have the courage to move towards them.

Photo by Official on Unsplash


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