9 Things You Did This Summer Instead Of Being Active

My summer was spent a bit unconventionally. I stayed in my University town, decided that it might be fun to have a summer to myself. You know, take some time to work hard, get fit, explore nature, go hiking, etc. Sounds incredibly productive, right? Well, in an ideal world, I would’ve accomplished all those things. But I’m human, and I’m one of the many lazy twenty-somethings who wish they were off causing mischief in Europe like all the rest of their friends. Here’s a list of 9 things I actually did this summer, instead of being active:

  1. Tanned, but didn’t get a tan. Still white. With all my new free-time, I don’t see any rush to lay in the heat all day with little to no sunscreen on while I burned myself to a crisp. Being a redhead, I took the slow roasted strategy and chilled a few hours a day in my SPF 30. It’s now August and I still look like I just walked out of a Twilight novel.
  2. Re-watched all 9 season of One Tree Hill in a month. Who needs to actually go on dates when you can just sit in bed with pizza and watch the Nathan and Haley romance pan out? I’m tearing up just thinking about the cuteness.

  1. Made Club Penguin cool again. I like to think of myself as a trend setter, I’m all about vintage digs and Club Penguin is most definitely coming back. Or at least it was until I got kicked off for cursing.

  1. Taught myself how to moonwalk. Now all I need is for America’s Got Talent to come to my town, and I’ll have it made.

  1. Shopped online for cute workout clothes. I couldn’t possibly be active without cute clothes to wear. It was a necessary investment of both my time and money. Now when the day comes where I’m feeling motivated to move, I’ll be ready.
  1. Finally, after hours of vigorous regular training, I touched my nose with my tongue. Probably my greatest accomplishment to date. I’ve been researching competitions online. If nothing else, I am going to be SO cool at the next party I attend.

  1. Beat my personal record for number of naps per day. Whoever stereotyped naps for kindergarten kids, you had it all wrong.

  1. Learned every word to Lose Yourself by Eminem. 13  years late, but I got it.

  1. Made a ton of lists. Well, because, #Goals.

Life is all about seeing things from new perspectives. Some may call me lazy, unmotivated, or a lost cause. Maybe I’m just dying to get back to school, have all my friends back, and a pile of homework in front of me. That’s usually enough motivation to get my life together. Besides, being active looks way more appealing when you have homework, essays, and exams to study for. Summer’s for chillin’, and chill I have been.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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