7 Holiday Traditions To Try As Newlyweds This Year

Many people loved the holiday season, it’s my favorite! The main reason for that is because of the traditions that occur with the holidays. Growing up, my family always made sure that the holidays weren’t celebrated for only a few days but we celebrated for the whole month. When I got married, I was so excited to think about all the traditions I would have with my spouse and our kids one day. Luckily for me, his family had many traditions of their own. We picked some of our favorites and decided to begin our own yearly holiday traditions! Here are a few to name!

1. Christmas Eve pajamas:

 Every year on Christmas Eve we each gift each other with a pair of Christmas pajamas to snuggle up and watch a movie with some hot cocoa. It makes it more fun if you find a holiday movie pair and watch those two movies! 

2. Holding gingerbread house contest:

 Head to the local grocery store and pick a gingerbread house,( trains and  villages work too!) We make it a friendly but messy competition. Turn on the holiday music and get decorating. Whoever wins gets to pick the  holiday movie and snacks for that night.

3. Watching The Office/Friends:

My husband and I both love these two shows.  Every year we take a night and spend time r binge watching the holiday episodes together. It usually results in both us quoting the shows and laughing.

4. Donating to a angel tree

Helping others can be an easy and kind way to spread holiday joy and cheer . Try looking for an angel tree to donate to. You can find most angel trees at your local malls and most Panera’s have them inside as well. The angel tree has many names attached to it with the person’s age and what they would like for Christmas. My husband and I always  have fun picking out the gifts and consider how excited  the kids will be when they see   what was under the tree for them. 

5. Tree Decorating

We decided that when we decorate the tree each year we will pick a new theme for the tree. Why we decorate we make sure to wear our ugly sweaters while dancing around the tree to holiday music. 

6. Holiday cards

Each year we want to be able to send out cards to all our friends and family. We decided to take pictures of the year we had and include a little description of each picture to share all that year has brought.

7. Reindeer food: 

Yes I know we’re grown adults but my family every Christmas Eve would make reindeer food for Santa’s deer. We loved this tradition. We enjoy spending time together and finding oats, glitter, and whatever else to make the food. They always say you’re never too old for the magic of Christmas! I completely agree.

These are the holiday traditions we have chosen to do as our own little family now. If you are looking for some fun traditions to do together maybe try some of these! This year has sure been chaotic so take time to enjoy each other’s company and the joy that comes with the holidays.

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash


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