There’s Nothing Better Than Falling In Love With Your Friend

Dating or falling in love with your friends has a bad stigma surrounding it. Sure, it could lead to a bad falling out and heartbreak. But it’s also one of the most incredible things anyone can experience in life. That spark ignited by a friendship can create a flame in a second. It’s also not the quick and easy crush that you get on a stranger you matched with or a friend of a friend you met at the bar. It’s something that grows slowly and over time, but once it’s ignited, it catches fire and spreads quickly. 

On top of that, it’s easier to start a healthy relationship with someone you’ve known for a long time. You were friends when there were no expectations. You met them without the pressure of looking good, and you’ve sent them ugly or embarrassing Snapchats. You’ve also never experienced the emotional stress of a lack of communication. It was an easy transition, and you see each other for who you both truly are. 

Personally, I think it’s so beautiful when two friends get together two people that know each other’s authentic selves.

Your friendship started naturally, and the two of you clicked effortlessly. You may not share all the same interests, but you respect each other’s values making your relationship work. You’ve also been each other’s biggest supporters, so when your relationship turns romantic, it’s beyond comforting. 

A relationship that started from a friendship is never forced. You can insult each other playfully, knowing that your friend won’t be weirded out. You can eat at places you both enjoy and never be judged for being who you are. There are no ground rules or learning about the other person’s habits —  you already know them. 

Sure: There will be that semi-awkward moment in the beginning when you learn how each of you acts in a relationship. However, that’s normal — everyone is different in relationships than in friendships. And, of course, a physical attraction and connection is a new level added to your already developed friendship. But it shouldn’t alter the way you feel about that person unless it’s totally not what you expected them to be. 

You can also be brutally honest with each other and not worry about being misunderstood. You know they might not want to hear it, but they will appreciate it anyway. The two of you can fight and make up just as quickly. The friendship at the root of your relationship allows for those conversations to happen because you can know how to be vulnerable with your partner. 

Since you’ve been friends for a long time, you can also deal with a bit of distance or geographical separation between you. 

As friends, you didn’t have to see or talk to each other every day — when you could, you would, but if you couldn’t, it wasn’t a problem. You know that when the timing is right, you’ll be their priority, maintaining a healthy balance of physical companionship and alone time. 

But the best part is that your person will encourage you to let every ounce of you shine. They’ll be there to pick up your broken pieces, pour you another shot, take a bomb photo, order your favorite takeout and just be there for you. The love and loyalty will be so strong that you’ll never feel unsafe again. You’ll never question that about them. 

Falling in love with your best friend is like falling in love with yourself. Except, it’s with the unedited, unfiltered, and natural self you’ve been so scared to let out. The one that your friend has seen a million times. And they’ll cherish that just as much as you will. 

Featured image via Nycolle Suabya on Pexels


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