Staycation: 22 Thoughts You Have When Your Friends Are Off Traveling

I suppose it’s prime time for all of my closest friends to jet off on their summer abroad trips, while I’m stuck taking Health and Aging 2G03 in summer school and working as an intern at a radio station. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and summer school is interesting, but I’m sure I’d love a trip to the Bahamas too…with fresh pineapple…and romantic sunsets lined with palm trees.

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Here’s 24 thoughts I constantly have while all 500 of my Instagram followers appear to be off traveling the world:

  1. Another Snapchat, wow. That can’t be real. Bet she took that photo of the brochure.


  1. It’s sunny on this side of the world too, maybe I’ll tan after work.
  2. My abs would look so much more defined if I were tan.
  3. Why is everyone on my Instagram in Europe?
  4. We have coffee shops here too.
  5. Damn, not with that view.
  1. Is it bad that I secretly hope it rains all week?
  2. How do people afford to jet off to Europe?
  3. Rich b*tches. Love them, but also really hate them.

  1. I hope they bring me back something cool. Like a hot French guy.
  2. I should read more books.

  1. Lol I’m not going to read.
  2. Do you think these girls work out in the Bahamas? How do they look like that? They can’t have a gym membership there.

  1. If I had a gym membership, I could be that fit.
  1. Let’s look up some healthy smoothie recipes.
  2. Yum! Vodka sangria. If I use Skinny Girl vodka, that’s healthy right?

  1. Ugh, she’s only going to talk about her vacation when she gets home. I should go out and get super drunk off this sangria so that I have some good stories too.
  2. Pizza after the bar is a must. Pizza is way better than escargot in France. Pssh.

  1. Maybe I’ll start my diet tomorrow.
  2. Beach fashion? Who would want to wear beautiful designer bathing suits when you have sweatpants and Netflix right here at the home base?
  3. Okay, me. I would rather wear designer bathing suits.
  4. God, I really need a vacation.

While you’re all off sipping wine at some European vineyard with all your French men, I’ll be sitting here in my own little safe haven, aka my bed…with my boyfriend, aka Netflix. To each their own.

Featured image via julie aagaard on Pexels


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