12 Adorable Animals That Will Make Your Monday Suck Less

Well, It’s Monday again. Whoopee. We all know that left-over-hangover-5-more-days-til-Friday feel, and you’re probably feeling like you could fall to the ground with misery at any given moment. Have no fear, Unwritten is here, and we’re bringing you12 impossibly adorable animals to brighten your day! Try to make it through this article without an audible “Awwww”…we dare you.

1. Dreaming about all the music festivals you’re about to head to this summer? So is this little guy.

2. Maybe all you need to conquer your Monday blues, is a little hop in your step.

3. Monday could have you feeling fat from all the drunk-pizza, mixed drinks, and McDonald’s breakfast you ate this weekend. This adorable duckling is ready for a cardio blast.

4. When not even a cold shower can wake you up, and you’re begging yourself to hit that snooze button just one more time, remember this adorable cat. You’re not alone.

 5. Heck, dry shampoo and a ponytail can go a long way. Take the extra two minutes.

6. Here’s a cute little bunny eating raspberries. Hopefully you had time to grab breakfast!

7. But skip the bacon, this piggy is the kind that makes you go vegetarian.

8. If the Universe just doesn’t seem to align, watch this cute baby elephant sneezing and scaring himself. We all have bad days.

9. Check out this cute baby hedgehog. Little guy doesn’t have a worry in the world.

10. I bet you can’t stare at this itsy-bitsy chipmunk in a tutu for 2 seconds without smiling. Try it. I dare you.


11. These chinchilla’s are rooting for you; just listen to these squeaky little nuggets of joy.

12. But remember, not all adorable animals come in small packages.

If you made it this far, we can basically predict you’ve got a soft spot for the furrier things in life. The Monday blues are a real thing and you often find yourself dreading the start of the week, but don’t worry. You’re not alone, and baby animal pictures just might be the cure. Bookmark this tab for all of your bad days, hangovers, break-ups,make-ups, and any other time you might need a boost.

Our furry friends and I all hope you have a great week!

Featured Image via Auto Straddle.


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