The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Summer At Home

Thrive, don't just survive.

The dreaded summer home from college. Many students endure it, few survive it.

Just kidding. That’s dramatic. But anyone who moved back home for summer understands the need for theatrics. Only a few select high school friends are home (which you may have only kept in contact with through watching their Snapchat stories), and you’re working a part-time job or completing an internship, which diminishes your social life. However, luckily for you, I’ve paid close attention to this summer and have some advice to offer those who are forced to experience it.


Spend time with family. This is my last “summer” before I go into the big bad real world without three months off every year. It has  made me realize that this will also be the last time living with my family. Even if that isn’t the case for you, chances are, a summer at home is a rare chance to have some quality time with your family. So why not take advantage of it? You will most likely be thankful in the long run that you did so.


Don’t be too hard on your parents. On a similar note, being a college student living at home is awkward. For both you and your parents. They’re probably not the roommates you envisioned when you turned 21. It’s a weird gray area of going from no rules to accepting that you’re living in your parents’ house again. When they ask you to make your bed and your inner “I’m old enough to decide when to make my bed” rebel creeps out, remember that they’re paying for your meals, which are an upgrade from the Taco bell and Ramen you’ve grown to love.


Take up a hobby. When my mom told me this I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes. But this summer I’ve had more time to write and do other things that the busy life of college keeps me from doing. So take up knitting, painting, or even karate, as long as it fills your time in a positive way.


Make some cash.  Some semesters it’s hard to keep a job, but in the summer at home, your life is lame. But being lame isn’t so bad when you’re rolling in the dough.


Visit your friends. Chances are a good handful of your friends stayed back in their respective college towns, so road trip to see them for a weekend. It may be a harsh reality when you return to your cubicle and make coffee for everyone in the office on Monday, but a little socializing will keep you sane.


Get in shape. My biggest excuse for not working out: I don’t have time. Well, now I do and you will too. So join a gym. No money? There are some that are only $10 a month or go for runs and utilize your own body weight for push ups and squats which is just as effective. Work out every day and get that hot bod back that your pizza and wine nights took away from you. Everyone will be super impressed in the fall.

Summers at home can be boring. They can also go two ways: you either sit on the couch moping or you lose those extra five pounds you’ve been wanting to, become a knitting machine and make some money all at the same time. Summers at home are what you make of it and the best way to get through it is to thrive, not just survive.

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