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8 Things You Need To Stop Doing During Sex


As women, we should be liberated to be sexually empowered and selfish. But the sad reality is sex is still based on men. Whether it’s doing positions he likes or how long it takes for him to orgasm, it’s all about him. But if you want to help him have a better orgasm or to orgasm faster, there are a few things that can be enjoyable for you too.

Don’t sit there. 

Nobody likes a starfish in the bedroom. Initiate some oral for once, you pick the positions, dirty talk, and moan a bit. Even grabbing his hairs or digging your nails in his back is a great start to encourage him to cum faster and stronger especially if you show you’re into it. 

Don’t pick the same few positions. 

We all have our go-to positions during sex, it’s like a regular routine. But that repetitiveness doesn’t do anything for him.. Switch things up and try to do new positions you haven’t tried yet to enhance new sensations for the both of you. He’ll be blown away!

Don’t wait for him to initiate.

Initiating not only shows you’re comfortable and horny; it shows you have confidence and are craving him. Don’t be shy about wanting it. He’ll think it’s hot as hell and will be more likely to please you more and to give it to you good. (We have plenty of great tips on how to initiate sex here.)

Don’t be quiet

Silent sex is painful to endure unless you’re being sneaky. Let your moans out, be loud and sloppy during blow jobs, talk dirty when he’s hitting the right spot, and tell him what you want. Making noise shows him you’re into it and he’ll love the compliment. 

Don’t demand foreplay for just you. 

Sure, we all want to get eaten out or have a good make-out session. But you do need to give it to him in return. Even if you aren’t into giving head there are plenty of things to try, like; back/shoulder massage, head scratches, or neck kisses. 

Don’t be conservative.

 You should never do something you aren’t comfortable with. But immediately shutting every suggestion down makes him feel less desired. Instead, take some time to think about it and try it if you create a game plan. Or you could surprise him with that thing you’ve been toying with. 

Don’t fake it. 

Faking it feels like a great way to speed up the process if you’re over having sex with him in the moment. He can probably tell you’re faking it, and it diminishes his confidence. I’d suggest actually trying to orgasm or just leaving it but still being super into it. He’ll appreciate that over a lie. 

Don’t stop caring about your appearance. 

Sure, you get comfortable and you don’t have to get done up. But from time to time you should surprise him with a fresh wax or new lingerie. Maybe even a sexy lipstick he’ll like. It just shows you care about still keeping him interested and he’ll appreciate your effort. 

Ultimately it’s not hard to make a guy finish faster and stronger if you aren’t afraid to get a little vulnerable and honest. But these minimal changes in your daily sex routine will make a lasting effect (pun totally intended) and will help give him the best bang of his life.

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