Why You’ll Stop Saying Bae After You Find Out What It Really Means

Can We Stop Trying To Make Bae Happen?

“Pizza is bae.”

Either you’re using it, or you’re disgusted by it. There’s no in-between. I fall into the group that is absolutely disgusted with this new phenomenon. According to the dictionary, “bae” is “a Danish word for poop”, “also used by people on the Internet who think it means baby, sweetie, etc.” or their “before anyone else”. You may be thinking wait, what? Yes, you read that right; it’s the Danish word for poop. So really, when people say, “you’re bae,” they are really saying, “you’re my poop.” How f*cking romantic. Yet people continuously use it as a term of endearment for their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend, basically anything or anyone they can think of. I have even seen some people go as far as to refer to their cheesy tots or ice cream as “bae.” I’m not sure who started this “trend” but please, somebody make it stop. Right. Now.

First of all, to whoever has made room for “bae” in their vocabulary, you not only sound immensely uneducated, but you mostly just sound totally f*cking ridiculous. The only time you will ever hear that come out of my mouth is when I’m judging you for saying it.

Bae has already been a “thing” for too long, and I can’t escape from it. It’s EVERYWHERE. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and used by annoying little teeny-boppers in conversations near me. Even worse, people in their younger twenties, my age, are using it as well. This is really just too much.


So, in the words of Regina George, “stop trying to make bae happen, it’s not going to happen.”

How about the next time you start to say or use “bae” in a sentence, tweet, or post, instead, use the old, normal terms of endearment for your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, dog, cat, pizza, etc. The only person that you should make your “before anyone else” is yourself.

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