8 Reasons Why Ben And Jerry Will Always Be Bae

There are two men that every woman can always depend on: Ben & Jerry. As if you need a list detailing why Ben & Jerry’s is actually the best, but here’s a few reminders just in case. So grab your pint and a spoon. We bet you’ll be done with the carton by the time you finish reading (no judgment).

1. Ben & Jerry’s is there for the good times and the bad. Celebrate together! Drown your sorrows together! Whatever you’re feeling, you know Ben & Jerry’s will always be there.


2. Every moment you spend together is magical. Bite after bite, it just keeps getting better. You can’t stop and won’t stop.

3. It keeps you on your toes. With all those fabulous flavors, each spoonful comes with a different tasty surprise. Mmmmm.

4. Ben & Jerry’s can send shivers down your spine. Brain freeze has never been so hot.

5. When you’re apart, you feel like something’s missing. It’s a sad day when you realize your freezer is empty. It’s like your heart is empty too.

6. But when you reunite, it’s never felt so good. That moment you lift the top and scoop that first spoonful = priceless.

7. Ben & Jerry’s understands you. Whether you’re feeling Hazed & Confused or like a Chunky Monkey, Ben & Jerry’s can relate.

8. It’s good any time of day. Treat yourself in the morning and at night. Plus Ben & Jerry’s is always a good afternoon delight.

Really, Ben & Jerry’s is better than any boyfriend we could ever have. Or any real human we’ll ever meet. If finishing a pint by ourselves is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Feature image via “Ben&Jerry’s, Hazed and Confused, Ice Cream” by JeepersMedia / CC BY 2.0


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