10 Bath & Body Works Holiday Scents You Should Treat Yourself With

The holiday season always bring in those special scents of the winter. Bath & Body Works always has a wide selection of scents ever year. The scents always seem to get you in the mood for the holiday season and bring back all of your best winter memories. All the products make great gifts for friends and family. They are also perfect for your wish list. If you’re getting lost in a daze of peppermint, cookies, and pine trees, here are the top 10 holiday scents sure to make great stocking stuffers:

Twisted Peppermint:

Fragrant cool peppermint with a whimsical twist of sugar and vanilla makes the season bright. A nice scent with a slight sweet undertone. It smells just like eating candy canes with a hint of vanilla! It is very refreshing. It is the perfect gift for your sister, cousin, or friend.

Fresh Sparkling Snow:

A sparkling fragrant blend of icy pear, frozen melon, and frosted musk. It reminds me of the scent of opening your door to the fresh fallen snow outside and feeling the breeze from the chilly wind. It is really great to have something light, icy, and fruity. It is the perfect gift for all ages.

Snowkissed Sugar:

A fragrant winter mix of spun sugar, chilled coconut, and vanilla orchid. Simply put, this fragrance reminds me of finding an Almond Joy candy bar in a stocking. It’s a strong punch of toasted coconut with nutty chocolate undertones. It is not something I’d expect to be released for winter, but it’s a refreshing change of pace.

Vanilla Bean Noel:

A Christmastime fragrant treat of fresh vanilla and sugar cookies, inspired by pure comfort and joy. It will bring back memories of  baking sugar cookies for Santa. It’s just too perfect for foody scent lovers and for the holiday season. It’s not just vanilla – it’s warm and sugary and creamy.

Jingle All The Way:

A merry blend of iced clementine, sparkling snowflakes, and blue spruce. It brings back memories of walking in the woods or chopping down a Christmas tree. This scent has warm, floral tones, perfect for taking a room or a home to the next level. It is the perfect gift for your mother or aunt.

Winter Candy Apple:

A fun, festive blend of red apple, winter rose petals, and candied orange. It brings back memories of drinking apple cider and baking apple pies. It’s sweet but not overbearing. Perfect for a casual night out!

Frosted Winter Woods:

A winter blend of frosted clementine, fresh cedar wood, and vanilla bean. At first, when you put it on it smells like tangerines and clementines, and then you smell the balsam, followed by a bit of vanilla. It makes me think of sunny winter days and picking out a Christmas tree with your family.

 A Thousand Wishes:

Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies, and almond crème. It is sweet, floral, and feminine. You can really smell the almond. It reminds me of kissing the person you love as the New Year’s ball rings in the New Year. It is the perfect gift for all of your friends at school or at home!

Merry Berry Christmas:

A happy holiday blend of frosted raspberries, holly berries, and pink prosecco. It smells fruity with a slight tart, spiced undertone with cognac. It reminds me of holly berries on a wreath. The perfect gift for your grandmother.

Be Joyful:

A joyful blend of fizzy clementine, frosted jasmine, and shimmering sugar. This cream has a tropical feel which reminds me of sitting on a beach in the Bahamas in 70 degree weather with a decorated palm tree. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer!

Bath & Body Works fragrances always get me in the mood for the Holiday season. With shower gels, candles, body lotion, body cream, fragrance mists, and perfume, there are so many ways to choose for your favorite holiday scent. This is the perfect list for your friends and family members who are on your Christmas list and especially for those last-minute gifts. Test these great scents at your local Bath & Body Works and find your favorite match!

Featured Image Via Bath & Body Works.



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