The Reality Of Being A Country Girl Living In The Big City

There’s something about big city lights that I love getting lost in. Going to a university in Toronto was definitely one of the highlights in my life. Being right in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle was exhilarating and wonderful. There was constantly an event to go to when you were bored or needed a distraction. After a few trial and error rides, I was a master on the subway, and it made me feel like I was a real city girl.

Seeing celebrities uploading pics on Instagram with the famous city landmark – like the CN Tower, Air Canada Centre, the ROM, the Ripley’s Aquarium – that you’ve walked past several times, makes you feel like a star yourself. All of the big events are minutes away from you, and you are constantly up to date on the latest runway fashions.

However, a part of me will always need that silence that you can’t get from a big city. You see, the issue with being a city and a country girl is that it’s extremely difficult to have both. It’s nice to be in the middle of everything current and now, but I also love having bonfires, and being able to see and count the stars; the light pollution in the city made me miss searching for the Big Dipper.

I love my hometown because I am minutes away from a farm or some back roads you can drive on when you just need to escape everyone and everything. There isn’t a car for miles, unlike being downtown in a big city with horns and tires screeching and doors slamming being the only noise you can actually hear.

People are surprised when they scroll through my playlists and see the variety of artists I have. You will literally come across several Eminem, Rihanna, ADTR, Jason Aldean, and Sam Hunt songs. I like to have a little of everything, because, tragically, not everyone in a big city likes Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

A lot of my friends questioned why I brought my cowboy boots to the big city… but when one of the school events was a country night, you bet I wore them and was in the front of the line-dancing that occurred, and I was a star in my boots.

As much as I love going out and dancing with friends, I find line dancing way more fun. The energy is indescribable and is a lot easier on the eyes than seeing a couple grinding 2 inches from you.

Being in the city, I love that I can get Starbucks within 2 km of wherever I am. However, my mom really does make the best hot chocolate, and it doesn’t cost me $5. Plus, I love the how I automatically get the largest mug and the marshmallows float on top of the chocolate syrup, cinnamon covering the whipped cream that almost reaches my chin. When I’m home though, I hate how I have to contemplate if I really want to get in the car and mission to Starbucks for the Chai Tea Latte that I’m craving.

It’s not about being unhappy regardless of the situation I’m in. The inability to have both scenarios makes me appreciate how fortunate I am to have these polar opposites in my life.

It’s kind of nice not to be able to have the complete balance of city and country life I ideally want. I mean, being in the city allows me to appreciate the comfort of the country. Being in the country allows me to miss the chaos of the city. It’s a catch 22 for me. I guess I’ll just take whichever I can have when I can and remain a country-city girl.

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