10 Women Share What Makes Them Orgasm

It’s not a super well-known nor commonly discussed fact that women enjoy sex more than men. I know that it seems crazy, but it’s totally true. However, despite being extremely interested in sex, women rarely orgasm with their partners. I know, disgusting. 

In an attempt to help other women learn about what could help them orgasm more, I asked my fellow ladies what works for them so other women could give it a try, too. Some ideas may work while some not — but it’s still a great form of sexual exploration. 

So, here are 10 women’s perspectives on what helped them orgasm.

“I enjoy rough sex with spanking, hair pulling, choking, biting, and lots of dominance. It’s not fun for me unless they dominate me and things get rather intense.” — Maddie, 25

“Oral sex. Duh.” — Kirsten, 24

“Tipsy sex usually works best for me because I’m a little clumsy so there’s not much pressure, and I just feel great in general. What’s more, I feel more confident, attractive and free after a glass of wine or two. Drunk sex is sloppy, but tipsy sex is my time to shine!” — Hanna, 28

“Missionary! It sounds boring, but you can do so much — move your legs around or adjust the angle. You can also use a toy or your fingers to stimulate your clit. So you can make it feel similar but slightly different at the same time.” — Jaimie, 23

“It sounds gross but period sex. I’m always the horniest right before and during my period. So on day four or five, when it isn’t heavy, my boyfriend and I do it and it feels amazing. And FYI — it’s not as messy as you’d think. Just have a towel handy.” — Amanda, 22

“I have to be on top. It’s not often that a partner can make me cum, but riding him makes all the difference. Traditionally, we always had super intense, kinky, ‘I miss you’ sex so we’d be tangled together. All I had to do was ride him or have him thrust up to me and I’d be jello in seconds. I’m not sure if that was the shape of his dick or if it just feels good for me, but it only happens with him.” — Britni, 24

“Anal. There’s something that feels so good and wrong about it that it feels amazing. I can usually squirt from it too.” — Miranda, 26

“Light BDSM. Handcuffs and small ropes on my wrists and ankles also help. I enjoy being controlled — and I’m too lazy to do all the work, so it’s a win-win. Plus, my partner gets off on doing what he wants with me and it’s hot watching him do all the dirty things.” — Bailee, 27

“Shower sex. It’s steamy, slippery, super wet and really good for an intense quickie. I can also use my removable shower head with my partner and we both love how fast it works.” — Lana, 24

“Romantic sex is what does it for me. I’m talking about the slow, sensual, intense, and passionate kind, full of eye contact, special attention, and lots of foreplay. I can only orgasm when I’m in love with somebody and feel a deep personal connection.” — Brihanna, 28

Obviously not all of the things listed above will help you, nor will it guarantee you (or your partner) finally get the big O. But it might give you some ideas to try with your partner. They might think you’re just feeling extra kinky, but only you would truly know that you have a secret motive. And I’m sure you both won’t mind experimenting this way!

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