6 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Only Significant Other You’ll Ever Need

Throughout a girl’s entire life, she longs to be loved and adored by a boy. But the truth is, most boys just end up breaking girls hearts and wasting their time. Instead of enduring a dreadful heartbreak, skip the boy and go straight for a dog. These furry creatures (the dog, not the man) adore you their entire lives and show you what true love really is.

Here is why women should choose dogfriends over boyfriends.

  1. They’re our babies.

We’ve watched them grow up, we’ve made sure their food bowl is full and we’ve even held them in our arms until they’ve fallen asleep. Since we’ve practically nurtured them since birth, we have a special connection with them that creates a close bond.

  1. They’re loyal.

Dogs will never leave you. Dogs will never stop loving you. Dogs will never dump you for the girl down the street that they think is prettier than you. The simple fact is: they’re the perfect substitute for a boyfriend. No break ups, no heartbreaks, and they even give a lot of kisses!

  1. Best. Cuddle. Buddies. Ever.

Every girl loves to cuddle – let’s be honest – and dogs are always DTC (down to cuddle). Depending on their size, they can be used as a pillow or a personal foot warmer. They even let you choose whether you want to be the big spoon or little spoon! What boy would let you do that?

  1. They always know how to cheer you up.

Dogs can sense your emotions whether you’re sad, happy or mad, but especially when you’re upset. Boys are absolutely terrible at this. Whenever I’ve cried in my room, I always see my door start to crack open and my dog trotting in to sit next to me. Her big brown eyes stare up at me giving me this comforting look.

  1. They’re the perfect workout partner.

Running by yourself is hard, but when you have a wagging tail and panting tongue in your face the motivation becomes a little easier. The yank of the leash pushes you to run faster plus you won’t even have to be self-conscious about how you smell after.

  1. They’re our personal disposal/dishwasher.

Once you’re too stuffed from a big dinner, but still have food on your plate that you don’t want to waste, just sit that plate on the ground and it’ll be clean in three seconds. You won’t have to feel bad about wasting food and it makes washing dishes a lot easier. It’s only cute when a dog licks your plate clean, not a boy.

These four-legged friends come in every color, shape and size, but only one knows how to steal your heart. They give you the love and adoration you need as well as all the attention you could ever want, no boy could ever give you all of that.

Featured image via La Miko on Pexels



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