7 Tips To Help You Get Over Your Biggest Dating Fears

Since women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, it can really be difficult to carry on a conversation during those early dates, since there is often so little in common between the sexes. There are a few tried-and-true topics that most people can hold a conversation about, at least until the first course is served. Try these out on your next date if you want to snag another romantic evening.

  1. Family.

It’s best to start with your own, as in “I just got off the phone with my mother; she drives me crazy sometimes.” You wouldn’t want to start a conversation about his mom, only to find out that she passed away last year.

  1. Sports. Sports teams are usually a perennially favorite topic, but the conversation can really fall flat if you are phony about your preferences.  If you do follow a sport or a team, go right ahead and ask his opinion or give yours. But, if you don’t know the Jets from the Giants, wait until the topic comes up some other way, and express your ignorance, but also proclaim your eagerness to learn.
  1. His Car.

You usually can’t go wrong with this subject. Since he likely just picked you up in his car, you can admire the brand, how great the radio sounded, and how comfortable the seats were. With this topic, you have got at least an hour of solid conversation covered. If you get into mechanics, you will probably be talking cars all night.

  1. A Good Joke.  

This can be tricky, because there are so many topics that you need to avoid. Unless you are looking for trouble, don’t tell any dirty jokes. And, until you have a better lay of the land, avoid political or religious jokes. Still, don’t be ashamed to gather some good, clean jokes and keep them in your repertoire for lulls in the conversation.

  1. Work.

In most social situations, talking about your job is a natural conversational gambit. And usually is the first topic of conversation between strangers. It can be awkward, of course, if your date is unemployed, which is very probable these days. But you can worm your way out of that one with a simple, “I’m sorry, what field are you in?”

  1. Politics.

Although this could be a hotbed, if you start out neutral, hopefully you can get a good talk going without getting into a heated debate. “Who do you think will win the election?” is an easy question that doesn’t take sides, unless you want it to.

  1. Entertainment.

Almost as good as “What do you do?” as a conversational opener is the perennial “Seen any good movies lately?” This is a fun way to find out more about your date’s personality, depending on how many comedies he mentions, compared to drama or adventure flicks. Songs, musicians, favorite TV shows, and other topics often flow naturally from this opening.

Have a few interesting topics such as these in mind. But don’t feel compelled to have a memorized speech for your early dates.  Once you both break the ice, if he’s a “keeper,” the conversation will flow like water.

Since starting off a date with “So, have you ever been convicted of a crime?” can be a little awkward, you may want to check out your date out on your own. With just someone’s full name, you can do a background check and find out all you need to know about them.

So here were 7 tips to help you hopefully ease those dating fears. What advice has worked best for you?

Featured image via Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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