I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Via Text And I Don’t Regret It

There is Taylor Swift song called The moment I knew. She sings about being at party, with all her...

You May Be Mr. Right, But Our Timing Is All Wrong

Autumn is my favorite season. The color of the trees make for perfect backdrops to cute couple photos where...

To The Girl Who Never Deserved My Brother

You have dated my brother for almost 10 years and you know nothing about me, but I know all...

46 Thoughts Every Hopeless Romantic Has On A First Date

You walk down the front steps of your flawlessly decorated house with a hot cup of tea and a...

Why He’s Not Confusing, He’s Just A D*ck

I sat on a bench alone late at night, crying. The guy I liked didn’t text me back... again. Maybe...

Why You Should Date Someone Who Challenges You

Last summer, I caught a fish. I have photo evidence of this occurring, for those of you who can’t...

Why Dating Apps Suck More Than Being Single

Dating apps have taken over the dating game to the point where most of us don’t even know how...

To The Girl I Ghosted, This Is Why I Walked Away

I’m sorry I could never see you for more than a temporary companion. A rebound; someone who I thought...

I Know You’re Gone But I Still Miss The Idea Of You

This piece is some creative writing about someone that I had once potentially saw a future with. I didn’t...

5 Reasons Moving On Is The Scariest Thing You’ll Ever Do

If you’ve ever been through a serious breakup before, I don’t need to tell you how difficult they are....

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