A Year From Now, You’ll Be Grateful That You Got Your Life Back

At some point in our lives, we all experience the type of love that really changes our...

5 Things People in Long Distance Relationships Are Tired of Hearing

250 miles. A 4-hour car ride - 6 and a half by bus. Only 45 minutes by plane, but...

I’m Finally Ready To Stop Being The ‘Perpetually Single’ Girl

“Next year, I expect you to have a boyfriend.” The lyricism in her voice was still evident, but my...

You’re All That I Want, But I Refuse To Come Back

You’re still the one my mind floats to when I’m lost in thought. Drifting through old memories and slowly...

Why We Should Save The Hall Pass For School, Not For Relationships

I sat down at the dinner table, eyeing up my chicken cutlet sandwich and potato salad when my boyfriend’s...

A New Era Of Dating: The Stages Of A College Relationship

The majority of college relationships last about as long as a happy hour and remain between sheets that haven’t been...

If He Does These 5 Things, You Need To Run Fast

Our relationship may have failed in the end, but I pride myself in knowing that I tried. I gave...

10 Differences Between A Cocky Vs. Confident Guy

There’s no denying that confidence is one of the sexiest things a person can wear, yet there always seems...

Breakup Season: Why Summer Is The Best Time Of The Year To Be Single

Every year when the weather gets warmer, the couples become fewer. I like to call this time ‘breakup season’....

Summer Sizzle: How To Keep Things Heated In The Bedroom All Year Long

Summer can be a time for flings, relationship growth, and let’s not forget those spontaneous post-bar one-night stands. Let’s...

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