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Bumble, Ghosting, and F*ckboys: Why Modern Dating Is So Hard

Let’s be honest, dating has always been a...

This Is Why I Lie To My Husband About My Happiness

Honesty is a virtue most people would put at...

Can We Stop Pretending Tampons Don’t Exist?

Despite our strides toward gender equality, it seems...

Read This If You’re Uncomfortable Putting In A Tampon Or Having Sex

It was a taboo part of my body...

6 Reasons Falling In Love Feels Like You’re High On Drugs

This is your brain on love. And it’s...

6 Signs That You’re A Victim Of Love Bombing

Love bombing is the worst and possibly most insidious...

Why Women Should Start Reclaiming The Word ‘Slut’

It’s time to change the discussion when it comes...

Calling Me Fat Isn’t An Insult, It’s A Compliment

C’mon, it’s not even a creative insult.

Office Bullying: How To Stand-Up For Yourself At Work

Originally written by Paige Ahearn on SheSaidRecently, my housemate...

Why I’ll Never, Ever Get Over My Girlfriend’s Murder

Please don’t tell me how to grieve.

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