6 Things You Should Remember As An Independent Woman

People often call me “too independent,” but I love being an independent woman. For the past year-and-a-half, I’ve lived on my own and become even happier with my independence. If you’re also becoming a more independent woman, here are six things you should remember:

1. Make sure that you find a community wherever you go. 

As stubborn as we can be as independent women, it is OK to ask for help! If anything, when you reach out to others, you’ll make memories and forge new friendships. I also had trouble making new friends at first, but now, I can’t live without the friends I’ve made!

2. Take time to find yourself during this new transition.

As you unleash your independence, you’ll learn a lot about yourself that you didn’t know previously. You might learn that you hate having a messy apartment, that you thrive on being busy, or that you really love being single. But whatever you learn, embrace those newfound parts of yourself! They’ll all come in handy when you’re living on your own.

3. Your family may be far away, but they’re still there for you. 

No matter how many miles away you are from your family, they’ll want to hear from you. Call or text your closest family members often and remind them how much you love them. Their happiness to hear from you will make you appreciate the time you get to spend with them and how much they helped you throughout your life.

4. It’s normal to not have everything figured out.

I’m ninety percent sure that no one has life all figured out, especially when they first live on their own. You may have a plan for how you’ll accomplish your goals, but life doesn’t always go the way that you plan it. Still, always remember that you will figure out those things that seem so difficult now.

5. Celebrate the small victories.

Don’t hesitate to celebrate when something works out for you, big or small. Whether you finally decorate your own place the way you want to, you got a great performance review at your job, or you bought a new outfit, live it up! Your small accomplishments only further solidify your decision to be independent in life.

6. Don’t feel guilty about your independence.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you choose to live your life. Who cares if you live alone or take yourself out to fancy restaurants?   Not everyone will understand you, but remember that being independent is a beautiful thing. 

If being independent has taught me anything, it’s that independent women get to make 100% of their own decisions. What will make you happy today? What do you want for your life? Don’t answer to anyone but yourself, and you’ll be content in life.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash


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