Why Learning To Love Your Life Can Teach You To Love Yourself

Every day you tend to learn something new. It can be a small thing you heard while eavesdropping at the hairdressers or it can be something larger that affects the way you think about life. Either way, you come to the conclusion that every day there’s something new for you to know, learn, or understand.

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more things that I’ve been around almost my entire life and have never noticed before. I am spending more time with other people who have so much to learn yet so much to teach, and it is incredible how much you look over in a single day.

I first started to notice these changes once I changed my lifestyle. I was stressed about everything and I mean everything – from my job to money to breathing- my life revolved with stress. Finally, I decided to change that and so I now don’t worry as much anymore, I get to appreciate life and live a relaxing life. I’m not saying my life is perfect. It gets very boring, I am just working myself up to the next level of where I want to be and, wow, is it ever peaceful – doing what you want and need to be happy.

What you need to understand is that you see the world differently when you change the way you live, you’ll see people differently and you observe the feeling of nature. It is so peaceful – life is peaceful and what I am trying to get across is that life should be peaceful.

You should have that one place, that one thing, that one activity where you know you can go and it automatically makes you feel relaxed. That one thing that has the power to make you forget about everything else. That one place where you can go and be happy. The feeling of self-worth, the feeling of no problems, the feeling of empowerment, the feeling of loving the life you’re in.

Not only do you learn something new every day you also tend to learn another thing about yourself and the more you start to love life the more you come to appreciate and learn about yourself. For example, I am sitting here in the park – where I always went as a child – while writing this and I am able to notice life passing me by. I am able to hear the kids playing with their friends, I am able to hear the birds chirping, I can even hear the fish jumping in the water, but I am sitting here and taking it all in.

I can sit here and not worry about my bank status, I can sit here and not worry about my Instagram likes, I can sit here and not worry about anything other than this exact moment. I can sit here and connect with myself. My inner thoughts, my dreams, my goals, what I want my future to look like, what I love about myself, and what I need to work on, I can be in the moment and simply love living life.

My initial thought while writing this was that we need to find the places that keep us free. The places that allow us to think, the places we can go to and take in life, experience the world around us and let go of everything else because once you’re in that happy spot of life, you’ll realize how nothing else matters. We all should take the time to find what we admire. To find where we belong and to really connect with ourselves because we all know sitting at a desk won’t always do the trick.

So get up, get out into life, whether you go to a park, a river, a lake, your back porch, it doesn’t matter… just do it and learn how to find yourself. Find yourself in life but also in the moment with nothing else mattering to you at that given second. Take a minute and let life surprise you, let your thoughts go and learn to love yourself, learn to be free, learn to be you.

Every day you learn something new, make today your day and learn something about yourself, learn what creates that smile. Learn to let go, learn to live your own life, learn to appreciate life, learn to learn and love learning.

Featured image via Pepe Cast Zam on Unsplash


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