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I've had a passion for writing since a young age, and I've had a passion for helping people for as long as I can remember. I want to help people learn to love themselves, I want to help people learn that they can and do deserve better than what they've been getting, and never to settle. I want people to find self love and happiness.
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Bella Thorne Is Directing A Film For Pornhub & Here Are The Details

Bella Thorne has come a long way since her...
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Why You Need To Jump On The Paddleboard Yoga Trend

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How To Choose Between Two Appealing Job Offers

Entering the job market may seem difficult at first....

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Christmas Shopping

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What Is Scientology? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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You Should Congratulate Your Single Friends Instead Of Feeling Bad For Them

A break-up is difficult for anyone. And no one...

Why Your Partner Shouldn’t Always Stand Up For You

Having a partner can be a beautiful thing. It’s...

Why You Shouldn’t Apologize Just To Make Someone Happy

Someone might expect an apologize from you, but don't give in if you don't regret what you did. Here's why you should stop saying "I'm sorry" so much.

What Your Obsession With Glitter Really Says About You

There are two kinds of people in the world:...

The Only Way To Forgive A Liar Is To Let Them Go

Lying can often feel like one of the worst...

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